Alumina silicata



Introduction: -

Alumina Silicata is used for curing such chronic diseases which are related to the brain, spinal cord and the nervous systems.

In the cases of contraction in the body parts, diseases of veins, weakness of the spine, pain and burning in spine, numbness in the body parts, shivering and feeling of pain, twisting as epilepsy fits and feeling of pain with coldness, Alumina Silicata should be used in such symptoms.

Useful in different symptoms: -

Symptoms related with the Respiratory Systems: -

Alumina Silicata should be used in the cases of pricking chest pain with the feeling of weakness and secretion of greasy phlegm with cough

Symptoms of the external parts of the body: -

This medicine proves effective for curing numbness of the body parts and feeling of heaviness with twisting and pain.

Symptoms related with Head: -

In the cases of headache, feeling of contraction in the skull, mismanagement of blood circulation in the brain, feeling of relief by warmth, over sweating, eyes pain, feeling of burning coil in front of eyes, frequent cold and catarrh, nose swelling and nose ulcers, Alumina Silicata should be used. 

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

This medicine should be used in the cases of heaviness in veins which are sticking with nerves, feeling of chaos skin and feeling of pain after touching with someone.

Aggravation: -

Such symptoms aggravate in cold air, after taking meals and in standing posture.

Amelioration: -

Such symptoms ameliorate in hunger and while taking rest.

Dose: -

Alumina Silicata should be used as higher potencies.