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Achyranthes Aspera

Introduction: -

Mostly, Alumina is used for curing chronic diseases. Alumina should be used to remove weakness due to paralysis of any part of the body. It ends weakness and gives strength to the body. 

Elephantiasis makes the patient legs very weak due to which, the patient feels coldness in the rectum, urinary bladder and each part of the body. The patient suffered from such symptoms should use Alumina. 

Sometimes, the patient feels weakness due to physical works, heaviness, numbness, constipation and staggering during walk. Alumina is an effective drug for curing such symptoms.  

Alumina is very useful for curing cold of weak and dry natured people and feeling of belching

When the child gets up in morning, he is very nervous and seems unfamiliar about all the things. Alumina is used for curing such symptoms. 

Alumina should be used in the case of feeling of spider trap on the face. In such symptom, the patient separates his hands from other persons.

Useful in different symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: - 

Alumina should be used in dearth of curious, feeling scare, illusion of personal identification and others symptoms. Such patient makes hurry in doing all the works and feels as if time is passing slowly. The patient is changeable natured and feels relief occasionally. Suffered patient tries for committing suicide after seeing knife or blood. Alumina should be used in such symptoms.

Head-related Symptoms: -

When the patient suffers from prickly pain of the head, increment in such pain in the morning, feeling of relief after the meal, feeling of tightness in the forehead as wearing a narrow cap, giddiness, retching, feeling of relief after breakfast, alopecia, itching in the skull and head numbness. Such symptoms are cured by using Alumina medicine.  

Symptoms related with Eyes: -

Sometimes, the patient seems yellowness in everything, coldness in the eyes, and suffers from eyelids dryness, eyelids burning and lancinating pain and thickness in the eyelids, aggravation in such symptoms in the morning, chronic conjunctivitis, ptosis and strabismus. Such symptoms are cured by using Alumina.

Symptoms of Ear: -

When the patient listen roaring sound in the ear and suffers from soliloquizing, murmuring, body weakness and feeling as if something is entalgled inside his ear. The patient suffered from such symptoms should use Alumina.

Symptoms of Nose: -

  • The patient, suffered from pain of nose tube, feeling of savour, catarrh, mucous blowing from the nose, nostrils pain, redness on the top of the nose, coat of nose inside, redness like ringworm near nostrils, etc., should use Alumina for getting relief.
  • Alumina proves very effective in the cases of chronic ozaema (dryness in the moucous membranes of nose) and adhesive and chaos membranes.

Symptoms of Face: -

Sometimes, the patient feels as if something like pomegranate has dried on his face, twisting in abscess, pimples and lower jaw and high blood pressure of the face after taking meals. Such symptoms are cured by using Alumina.

Mouth-related Symptoms: -

In the symptoms of offensive breath with pain, dirty teeth, gums burning with bleeding and feeling of intensive pain while opening the mouth or chewing, Alumina proves effective remedy in such symptoms.

Throat-related Symptoms: -

  • Patient feels burning and dryness inside the throat, difficulty in swallowing and contraction of the pharynx.
  • The patient feels something (any pin or prickly thing) is entangled inside his throat and the face of patient is scorched and oily.
  • The patient who are lean and thin and suffer from throat burning, blowing adhesive and thick mucous from the nose and trying continuously for throat cleanness. 

Alumina is an effective drug for curing above symptoms of the throat.

Abdominal Symptoms: -

When the patient is addict for eating coil of wood, mortar, soil, dried eating products and leaf of tea then he suffers from heart burning, heart contraction, feeling of hate from the meat, inability of digestive organs for digesting potato and undesired for eating anything. Such patient suffers from pharynx contraction and is not able for swallowing the food, and he eats only little eating products. The patient suffered from such symptoms should use Alumina.   

Symptoms related with Stomach: -

Alumina should be used in the cases of stomachache, feeling of tightness from both the thighs to genitals and feeling of pain in left side of the stomach.

Symptoms associated with Stool: -

  • In the cases of dried, hard and tumours faeces excretion, undesired for faeces excretion, burning and pain in the anus, bleeding from anus, itching of anus, problems in faeces excretion and stool straining.   
  • Children diseases: - Constipation, itching and burning in the anus.

In the case of old person- constipation, feeling of problems during faeces excretion, burning, itching in the anus, etc.

Female diseases: - Constipation, problems in faeces excretion, burning and itching in the anus.

The patient suffers from loose-motion unknowingly while urination, feeling of stomachache before many hours of excretion, constipation and stool straining.

Alumina should be used for curing above symptoms associated with stool.

Symptoms associated with Urine: -

  • The patient has to effort while excretion due to bladder paralysis.
  • He is feeling of mental confusion with kidney pain.

Senility disease: -Desire of urination while feeling of problems in urine.

Alumina Drug should be used for curing above symptoms.

Symptoms related with Male: -

  • Alumina should be used in the cases of undesired for sexual intercourse and feeling weakness regarding to sex.
  • Alumina should be used in the cases of semen discharging due to applying force while excretions. This medicine is also very useful for increasing body strength. 

Symptoms related with Female: -

If a woman suffers from menses abnormity, scanty menstrual secretion and yellow secretion during menses, feeling of body weakness, leucorrhoea, intensive pain after secretion, transparent secretion, and stringy secretion with intensive pain and burning and feeling of relief after washing the vagina with cold water, etc., Alumina should be used in such symptoms.

Symptoms of the Respiratory System: -

When the patient suffers from cough after awaking in the morning, feeling of something entangled in the throat, hoarseness, tickling in the throat, sough sound during inhale, feeling of rolling sound in the breathe, intensive cough during talking in the morning, feeling of pain and tightness in the chest, desired for eating sweet and increment in chest pain while talking with others. Such symptoms are cured by using Alumina medicine.  

Symptoms related with back:

Sometimes the patient feels prickly pain in the back, feeling of scratch by any thorny instrument on the back, feeling of heated iron over the back, pain in spine (backbone) and symptoms of paralysis in the back. The patient suffered from such symptoms should use Alumina medicine. 

Symptoms of the external parts of the body: -

Sometimes, the patient feels such pain in the arms and fingers as piercing with any heated iron piece or paralysis of arms, and feeling of leg numbness while sat with leg crossing posture. The patient feels lameness when walk and suffers from heels numbness, pain in feet soles, feeling of soft and swelled soles while walk, feeling of pain in upper part of the shoulder, lancinating pain inside the nails, bulging in the upper portion of nail and symptoms of paralysis in spine and other body parts. Alumina should be used for curing such symptoms. 

Symptoms associated with Asleep: -

Alumina is an excellent drug in the symptoms of paralysis of the body parts, feeling of restlessness, illusionist dreams and feeling of deep asleep in the morning.

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

Sometimes, the patient suffers from cracked skin, skin pain with burning, friability of the nails, itching due to bed warmth, desired for scratching until bleed, feeling of intensive pain and burning and friability in hand fingers and skin. Alumina medicine can be used for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms associated with chronic catarrh: -

Alumina is used for curing diseases of the patient who is very lean and thin and suffers from frequent nose blowing and paralysis of the body parts. Such patient also suffers from whooping cough, vomiting while cough, feeling of suffocation and other several problems at night.

Symptoms related with Locomotors Ataxia: -

In such paralysis, the patient feels heaviness in his legs, lameness and inability while walk, compulsion for walking with leg scribbling, inability in walking at night, inability in walking with closed eyes, tickling in the heels while walk, leg numbness, excessive tiredness, feeling of excessive weakness, feeling of back pain, feeling of such symptoms as someone is piercing heated iron stick in the spine and paralysis of rheumatism patient. Such symptoms are cured completely with using Alumina medicine.    

Aggravation: -

Such symptoms aggravate time to time, eating potatoes afternoon, in a hot room and after getting up in the morning.


Such symptoms ameliorates by taking bath with cold water, living in open air, in the evening, at the interval one day and in humid weather. 

Relations: -

  • Alumina can be compared with Slag Silico-Sulphokelsite of Alumina 3x in the cases of anus itching, piles, constipation and surfeited.
  • Silicea is used in the cases of solid stool, stool straining and compulsion for outing the stool by help of finger. But, if the stool of patient is wet and the patient suffers from stool straining without any result, Alumina should be used.  
  • The solution of Alumina or Sikel or Lathisarus or Plumbum Aluminum Acetate should be used in 2-3 percent for washing suppurated wounds and skin wounds, and preventing hemorrhage of the uterus and internal parts of the body. Ten percent solution should be used in washing nose and pharynx for preventing bleeding of tonsillitis after the operation.

Complementary medicine: -


Anti-miasmatic medicines: -

Ipecacuanha and Chammomilaa remove the bad effects of Alumina.

Dose: -

Alumina should be used as 6th to 30th and higher potencies for curing diseases. Alumina acts slowly.