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[ A ] Related homeopathic drugs:

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Abies Canadensis

Abroma Augusta

Abroma Radix



Acalypha Indica

Actaea Spicata

Adonis Vernalis



Arsenic Iodide


Agave Americana

Agnus Castus

Agraphis Nutans

Aletris Farinosa


Alstonia Scholaris

Angustura Vera

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Arsenicum Metallicum

Arania Diadema


Azadirachta Indica


Amyl Nitrosum

Ailanthus Glandulosa

Asparagus Officinalis

Aloe Socotrina

Ammounium Muriaticum

Aethusa Cynapium

Anacardium Orientale


Azadirachta Indica

Ammonium Carbonicum


Acetic Acid

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Ammonium Benzoicu

Ammonium Bromatum

Ammonium Causticum

Ammonium Iodatum

Ammonium Phosphoricum

Ammonium Picricum

Ammonium Valerianicum


Amygdalus Persica

Amyl Nitric



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Introduction: -

      In Homeopathic treatment, Alumen is used for curing diseases related to the intestines like- obstinate constipation, typhoid and paralytic weakness due to intestinal hemorrhage. 

      In the cases of intestinal hemophilia caused by typhoid and the clots of black blood with stool from the rectum, etc., Alumen is an effective drug to cure such symptoms. 

      Alumen should be used for curing strictness and wound of the rectum, tongue and uterus tissues, catarrh, cold and feeling of problems while inhaling. Such symptoms occur much in the old aged people.   

      Sometimes, the patient is suffered from dryness, contraction, symptoms of paralysis due to mental disorders, excretion of diluet fluids and feeling of strictness in the tongue. Alumen is very useful drug for curing such symptoms. .

Albumen is very useful to cure following symptoms:-

Symptoms related with the Head: -

      In the cases of headache with burning, feeling of weight on the head and feeling some relief after pressing the head with the hands, etc., Albumen should be used.  

Symptoms of the Throat: -

      When a person is suffered from redness and swelling in the upper portion of the throat, feeling looseness in the throat, feeling coldness and tickling inside the throat, enlarged and strict tonsils, burning and pain inside the oesophagus, throat problems and hoarseness due to cold and contraction in the esophagus etc., Albumen should be used for the treatment of such symptoms.

Symptoms related with the Heart: -

      If the patient feels his heartbeat fast by lying down on the right side, Albumen should be used for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms related with the Rectum: -

      Albumen should be used for curing constipation, undesired for excretion till many days, blocked stool in the rectum, strict and long clots of stool during excretion, feeling of heaviness in the rectum, itching after excretion, feeling of pain and lancinating pain for a long time after excretion, moles of piles on the anus, intestinal hemorrhage and yellowness in the stool etc..   

Gynecological Symptoms: -

  • The neck of uterus and mammary glands become hard, chronic yellow comes out from the vagina and the disease becomes excessive chronic. 
  • Yellow exudation comes out with chronic gonorrhoea and crops of small nodes take place on the urethra.
  • Blistery flecks in the vagina and diluet excretion before menses.

      Albumen should be used for curing such symptoms of a woman. 

Symptoms related with the Respiration System: -

      Albumen should be used in the cases of excessive weakness of the chest, problem in phlegm secretion during cough, stringy phlegm with cough in the morning and asthma. The people suffered from such symptoms should use this medicine.

Symptoms associated with Skin diseases: -

  • This medicine is useful for the ulcer which is hard in bottom and bloated part near ulcer with bleeding, and the ulcer which is chronic, strict and with burning.
  • This medicine also cures eczema of reproductive organs, scrotum and heelrope of the penis.

      Albumen should be used for curing skin related symptoms.

Symptoms of the external parts of the body: -

      In the weakness of body parts and muscles, especially of the legs muscles and feeling of contraction around many parts of the body etc., Albumen should be used.

Aggravation: -

      All symptoms except headache aggravate due to cold.

Dose: -

      Albumen should be used in 1st to 30th potencies. The potencies of this medicine prove effective. Putting 10 grain alum powder on the tongue is useful in curing asthma.