Alternative treatment


          A treatment, which produces new disease in the body after curing first one, cannot be called a good treatment. Modern allopathic treatment has this kind of faults. Allopathic medicines produce side effect and different kinds of reactions after use. That is the reason why people want such kind of medical treatment, which has no kinds of side effects. Of course, there are several medical treatment systems of this kind, which is called Alternative treatment.

Treatment is done according to such kinds of Alternative treatment systems as:

Above-mentioned therapies cure any disease by root without any side effects. Brief introduction of these therapies is being given below.

Reiki therapy:

          This therapy is available all the time for all the people. Reiki therapy is simple, easy, cheap and without side effects. It is based on physical, mental, emotional and autobiographical balance. There is no need to other person in this treatment. This therapy ends poisonous elements in the body. In this way, body returns in its early stage. In this therapy, the waves of conscious power are filled properly into disease affected body organs. The patient gets rid of the disease completely. 

Yoga therapy:

          Yoga is related from our all body organs, internal mind and soul. Our body remains far from all kinds of disease by doing yoga asana and meditation regularly. Our body is saved form all the types of diseases by adopting yoga. People remain healthy mentally and physically by doing yoga. If there is any kind of fault in our body, meditation can cure all kinds of diseases related to mind and body existed into the body. Diseases of the body can be cured by doing Asana and Pranayam. The diseases that are produced by Vata, Pita and Kapha disorder are cure by this therapy. A man becomes healthy completely by adopting Yoga therapy. 

Space therapy:

          This element is the first and most important element among all the five elements (sky, air, fire, water and earth). This element is light and without shape as there is no definite form of God. Sky is the base of universe. Fast is the best source to get sky element. Finding out about sky element is equal to attain God. Sex urge, anger, grief, affection and fear are produced by this element. Head, throat, heart, stomach and waist are the main space of this element. When any body organs mentioned above becomes affected from any disease, we should take the help of Space therapy to get rid of disease. Body can be made healthy both physically and mentally.

Air therapy:

          Wind is the second important element among all the five elements of our body. Air is very much essential for life. We will reach into the mouth of death if we stop our breath for some time. Several kinds of mixed winds are present in the atmosphere of this world. In this way, we become aware with the fact, which wind is useful and which not for human body. Not only so, we can enhance our life too with the help of this element. A person can provoke spiritual power by the proper use of wind.

Fire element:

        Fire is the third important element among all the five element of the body. In this therapy, treatment is done by the help of sunlight. Sun is the biggest planet in this galaxy, other planets keep on moving around sun, and they keep on getting energy and light. Sun is considered as a god in our society. Sun is worshipped by the people. A man is as much minded as he absorbs sun light. Saints and sages of India had become minded and scholar because of the worship of sun. Those persons cannot be compared from anyone. Seven kinds of rays come out from the sun, which have their own importance. To end all the disease of the body, rays of sun have their own importance. That is the reason why sunbath is very beneficial in the treatment of many diseases.

Water therapy:

        It comes on the fourth place among all the five elements of human body. It is as important for human being as the wind is for breathing. There is seventy percent water in our body. There is a proverb that water is life. It is called that water has the capacity to absorb fire, which proves very beneficial in the treatment of many diseases. As soil possess the capacity to cool down the fire as water also has. When soil and water is used altogether for the treatment of any disease, the diseases are cured from human body magically. In this therapy, treatment is done with both cold and hot elements. This therapy includes steam bath, cold bath, backbone bath, etc.

Soil therapy:

          Our earth bears the burden of all living and non-living things. That is the reason why we call it Dharti, Dhara and Vasundhara. There are several kinds of minerals in the womb of earth and that is the reason why it is called Ratangarbha. It ends the impact of poison of our body because of which we call it Amrita (nectar). Soil has the capacity to cure all the disease and that is why it is called Sarvarogharini. Soil is an important element among all the five elements of human body. Soil has several kinds of qualities. It ends the foul smell. It has the capacity to check cold and hot too. It has the capacity to absorb all kinds of metals. It has a strange capacity to cure diseases. Soil has the capacity to cure all kinds of diseases because soil has all kinds of qualities.

Acupressure therapy:

          A treatment of any disease, in which direct pressure is given on some especial points, portions with the help of fingers or thumb is known by the name of acupressure therapy. This therapy gives pressure on the disease-affected area. Such as mentioned above is done in this therapy.

Fruit and vegetables therapy:

          Meal is very important necessity for human being after wind and air. We get seven kinds of element from the meal as protein, carboge, sphock, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals. In the lack of any element mentioned above, a person becomes the victim of disease. Digestion of meal is more important than the meal. In the present time, about 80 percent people do not take meal in a right way and that is the reason why they become the victim of many diseases. We should eat to live, not to live to eat. It is the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. We eat everything for the satisfaction of tongue’s taste and fall ill. This therapy cures a patient with the help of nutritive and balanced meal. A patient can be healthy forever with the help of this therapy. Fruit and vegetables therapy has an important place in nature therapy.  

Magnetic therapy:

        Treatment of the patients with the help of magnet is called magnetic therapy. It is an old treatment therapy, which has been using in different kinds of diseases successfully. Incurable disease as cancer can be cured with the help of magnetic therapy. The main quality of this therapy is that treatment is done in this therapy by north and south poles. Different kinds of uses on these poles can cure many diseases.