Alstonia scholaris



Introduction: -

Alstonia Scholaris is useful for curing many diseases as- dysentery with diseases related to malaria, diarrhoea, anemia, weak digestion, etc. The patient suffering from such symptoms should use Alstonia Scholaris.

Alstonia Scholaris is very useful in following symptoms: -

Symptoms related to the stomach: -

If the patient is suffering from malaria and feels stomach hollowness, stomach emptiness, excessive weakness, etc., such symptoms are cured by using Alstonia Scholaris. 

Symptoms associated with Tuberculosis: -

If the patient is suffering from fever during tuberculosis, Alstonia Scholaris should be used. This medicine provides strength to the body and turns the disease towards healing.

Symptoms related with the stomach: -

  • The patient has great desire for excretion and feels twisting in the intestines, warmth and pricking sensation in the lower intestines, sprue and bloody loose-motion.
  • Loose-motion caused by dirty water and malaria or feeling of relief in the loose-motion after taking meal.

If the patient has such symptoms, he should use Alstonia Scholaris for getting relief.

Relations: -

Some properties of Alstonia Scholaris can be compared with Castricta, Ditane, Cinchona, Hydrastis, Cynetum, China and Pherr.

Dose: -

Alstonia Scholaris should be used from the mother tincture to 3rd potency and it should be used externally for curing rheumatic pain.