Aloe socotrina



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 Introduction: -

Aloe Socotrina is an effective remedy for curing several disease like- sprue, piles and loose-motion. In the symptoms like- physical and mental tiredness, undesired for doing any mentally work, constipation, irritability due to over problems, etc., Aloe Socotrina should be used. 

If a person has been suffering from disturbance of physical activities and aggravation of any disease due to taking any drug additionaly, etc., Aloe Socotrina should be used for curing such symptoms and making the body active again. This medicine is very useful for such symptoms.   

Aloe Socotrina is more useful drug for curing symptoms of unbalanced veins of the liver than other medicines whether these are in the first stage of disease.   

Aloe Socotrina is an effective remedy for curing the diseases of tipsy, old aged people and the people who are very weak and suffer from excessive phlegm. 

Aloe Socotrina is very useful in following symptoms: - 

Symptoms associated with Diarrhoea: -

If the patient goes for urgent excretion just after eating and drinking in the morning and feels stomach cramps and thinks as if he didn’t excrete immediately, his cloth will be apoiled, etc., Aloe Socotrina should be used in such cases.  

Symptoms associated with Sprue: -

Aloe Socotrina is used for curing several symptoms as- yellow or bright dilute amoebic dysentery, feeling too cold in the anus, so the patient doesn’t know anything until the stool comes out completely and excretion during urination or wind passing from the anus. Such patient feels as if his anus is filled with light and heavy ingredients, and these ingredients will be thrown out. Sometimes, these incidents occur in actual. The patient also suffers from roaring sound in the stomach before excretion and feels heaviness in the lower portion of the stomach.   

Symptoms of the liver and jaundice: -

Aloe Socotrina should be used in the cases of biliousness during jaundice and chronic diseases of the liver, tongue dirtiness, foul breathe, fever and feeling of heaviness in the liver.

Symptoms related with infant: -

If an infant is suffering from constipation since childhood, screaming during excretion or sitting posture and difficulty in excretion, but easily excretion on the bed; which is unknown by the child, etc., such symptoms are cured by using 200 potency of Aloe Socotrina.

Symptoms of Haemorrhoids: -

Aloe Socotrina should be used in the cases of haemorrhoids protrude like a bunch of grapes, feeling of relief after dropping water over the warts, bleeding from blue colored warts with itching and sleepiness due to anus itching and burning.

Gynecological symptoms: -

Aloe Socotrina should be used in the cases of uterus membrane replacement and feeling of heaviness in the anus and abdomen.

Sometimes, the women feel pressure below the rectum which increases by standing and in menses period, feeling of heaviness in the uterus, problems in walking and feeling of intensive pain as labor from waist to the legs. Such symptoms should be cured by using Aloe Socotrina.

Symptoms associated with the Respiration System: -

Aloe Socotrina is used for curing cold during cough, itching, feeling of problems during inhale and pricking pain from the liver to chest.

Symptoms related with the back: -

Sometimes, the patient suffers from back pain which increases by any movement and feeling of pricking pain near the sacrum. Such symptoms are cured by using Aloe Socotrina.

Symptoms related with the Head: -

  • Headache, back pain and the diseases concerned with the intestines and uterus.
  • Undesired for doing mental work, slight pain on the head, feeling of heaviness in the eyes, desired for closing the eyes, feeling of headache after excretion and feeling of pain and warmth during excretion.If the patient has suffered from such symptoms, he should use Aloe Socotrina for curing symptoms of the head.

Symptoms related with the Eyes: -

Aloe Socotrina should be used in the cases like- headache with eyes closing, feeling of burning coal in the front of eyes, vision yellowness with eyes redness and feeling of pain inside the orbits.

Symptoms related with the ear: -

Sometimes, the patient listen crackling sound while eating something, sudden explosion in left ear with knocked sound and feeling of shiver by knocking the head with some round material. Aloe Socotrina should be used for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms related with the nose: -

Aloe Socotrina should be used in the cases like- feeling of cold in the nose and hemorrhage after getting up in the morning.

Symptoms of the Mouth: -

Aloe Socotrina should be used in the cases like- mouth bitterness, belching and cracked and dried lips.

Symptoms related with the throat: -

If the patient feels blocked phlegm, swelled veins of the pharynx and scraping, coldness in the throat, etc., such symptoms are cured by using Aloe Socotrina.

Symptoms related with the stomach: -

If the patient does not likes eating meat, but wants juicy things, he is suffering from stomach gas after taking meal, burning sensation in the rectum, retching, headache, feeling of fainting, etc., Aloe Socotrina is very beneficial for curing such symptoms.  

Abdominal Symptoms: -

If the patient feels pain and tightness near his navel and burning sensation in the liver, suffers from pain in the ribs of right side, stomach heaviness, surfeited, enlarged stomach, burning and pain near the navel, body weakness during loose motions, feeling pressure below the stomach, intestinal pain, desired for frequent excretion and feeling of pain, burning, wind passing out during excretion, etc., Aloe Socotrina should be used.   

Symptoms related with the Rectum: -

Aloe Socotrina should be used in symptoms- frequent feeling of pressure below the rectum, feeling of pain and burning, feeling relief after dripping cold water on the anus, indefinite faeces excretion with offensive wind, frequent and diluet excretion without any labor, feeling of burning and pain during excretion, feeling of pain and burning with hemorrhage due to blueness of the piles moles, constipation, feeling pressure in the lower portion of the abdomen, loose motion caused by drinking beer or wine, etc. Aloe Socotrina is useful for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms related with Urine: -

Aloe Socotrina should be used in the cases of incontinence of urine, feeling pressure downwards in the urinary bladder, enlargement of prostate and scanty urine and thickness.

Symptoms related to the external parts of the body: -

Aloe Socotrina is an effective drug for curing itch, joints straining with pain and feeling of pain in the soles during walk.

Relation: -

  • Some properties are found equally in all the drugs like- Ammounium muriaticum, Nux-vomica, Gambogia, Podophyllum, etc.
  • In the case of excretion during wind passing; Oleander, Muriaticum acidum and Natrum-muriaticum can be compared with Aloe Socotrina. But Oleander should be used when eaten food comes with feaces or the child suffered from chronic loose-motion excretions on the bed in morning. Muriatic acid is used in the case of indefinite excretion during urination. In the cases of mouth dryness, over thirst, fever and indefinite excretion with wind passing from the anus during chronic loose-motion, Natrum-muriaticum should be used.

In the case of stomach diseases, Aloe Socotrina has qualities same as in Sulphur.

Aloe Socotrina can be compared with Podophyllum, because both the medicines have good ability for curing loose-motion. Yet, both the medicines have many differences. Both the medicines are used for curing such diseases which are aggravated in the summers and appear on the face in the morning.    

Aggravation: -

Such symptoms aggravates in the morning, doing hard work, in hot and dry weather, after eating and drinking, while standing and walking.

Amelioration: -

Such symptoms ameliorate by cold water, cold weather, wind and excretion. 

Dose: -

Aloe Socotrina should be used from 6th to higher potency for curing diseases. In the case of rectum symptoms, patient should take 3rd potency and should wait for result.