Introduction: -

Alnus is used for curing various types of skin diseases (grandular enlargements), indigestion occurring due to additional secretion of digestive juice.

Alnus makes the nutrition activity fast and cures diseases concerned with scrofula. This medicine checks faultier activities of the glands and provides quick relief in the ulcers of the mouth and throat.  

If pus is coated on the fingers due to suppurated pimples with giving offensive smell, indigestion due to incomplete secretion of digestive juice, Alnus is very beneficial.  

Alnus is very ueful in following symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with Skin diseases: -

Alnus is used for curing eczema, herpes, enlargement of the glands below the jaw and a special disease of the skin in which, appearing purple eruptions on the body with bleeding, etc.

Symptoms related with Female: -

  • In the case of uterus scratching and hemophilia due to leucorrhoea, this medicine is used. 
  • Feeling pain and burning sensation from waist to thigh with the beginning of menses.

Alnus drug should be used for curing these symptoms.


Alnus should be used from the mother tincture to 3rd potency for curing diseases.