Aletris farinosa




Mostly, Aletris Farinosa is used to cure diseases of the fair sexes especially diseases related to menstruations like- menorrhagia (over bleeding during menses), bleeding at the time of abortion, leucorrhoea with any type of disease related to the uterus, constipation, weakness of digestion power, feeling heaviness in the stomach after taking meal, etc.    

If a woman is suffering from symptoms like- profuse bleeding at night, bleeding is as fast as she is not able to describe it; urine comes out unknowingly at the time of coughing, while walking, sleeping, etc., Aletris Farinosa 45000 should be given to the patient to cure her symptoms.

Aletris Farinosa is very useful in following symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with female disorders: -

Aletris Farinosa should be used for curing symptoms like- early menses with pain as felt in delivery, amenorrhoea, feeling of heaviness in the ovary, inflammation in ovary with inguinal pain, body weakness, anemia, doubt about abortion and muscles pain during pregnancy, etc.

Symptoms related with the Stomach and Rectum: -

In the cases like- lack of appetite, feeling troubles after taking little meal, the rectum is filled with stool due to inability of excretion, pain and other problems while excretion due to long, hard stool, etc., Aletris Farinosa should be used for the treatment of the suffered women. 

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

If a woman is suffering from weak memory, body weakness, much illusion, is not able to concentrate his mind and giddiness is taking place with unconsciousness, etc., Aletris Farinosa for the treatment of such symptoms.

Symptoms related with the Mouth: -

Aletris Farinosa should be used in the symptoms of over scummy salivation with any type of menses troubles.

Relations: -

Some properties of Aletris Farinosa can be compared with Helonias-chamelirium, Tennasetum, Hydrostis, China, etc.

Dose: -

Aletris Farinosa should be used from the mother tincture to 3rd potency.