Asiatic-greevia (falsa) tree is grown in the garden. Asiatic-greevia (falsa) is being used since ancient time in Ayurveda. It is a nutritive tonic. Taking asiatic-greevia (falsa) is beneficial to all (men, women, children, and elders). It protects from different kinds of diseases, and makes body healthy.

Taste: The ripen asiatic-greevia (falsa) is sweet, and raw asiatic-greevia (falsa) is pungent and sour.

Nature: Asiatic-greevia (falsa) is cool in nature.


Ripe asiatic-greevia (falsa) removes bile disorder, blood disorder, gas, and helps to cure T.B. (tuberculosis), fever and swelling. It is also nutritive. Raw asiatic-greevia (falsa) causes bile disorder. Small asiatic-greevia eliminates gas, bile disorder and phlegm. It brings out the polluted stool from the body and removes the warmth of the brain and the dryness of the body. It provides power to the heart, stomach and liver. It is useful to cure leucorrhea, burning sensation of urine and gonorrhoea. Taking good ripen asiatic-greevia (falsa) provides benefit in the condition of burning sensation of the chest and stomach, restless, sperm with urine and nightfall.

For reading tips click below links      Asiatic-greevia is useful in different diseases:
1.     Burning sensation:

Burning sensation:

    Taking syrup which prepared by asiatic-greevia (falsa) is useful to get relief in burning sensation of the body.
    2.     Anorexia:


      Taking asiatic-greevia (falsa) after sprinkling rock salt and black pepper in it increases appetite.
      3.     Body burning sensation:

      Body burning sensation:

        Take asiatic-greevia (falsa) mixed with sugar, it removes body burning sensation.
        4.     Heart disease:

        Heart disease:

          Taking the juice of asiatic-greevia (falsa) mixed with water, dry ginger and sugar is useful to cure the heart diseases and bile disorder.
          5.     Sunstroke:


            Soak 500 grams asiatic-greevia (falsa) in half litre water for 3 or 4 hours, and then crush them with the same water and filter it. Boil this water with 500 grams sugar to prepare syrup, and store this syrup in a bottle. Taking this syrup protects from sunstroke, and increases appetite.
            6.     Over thirsty:

            Over thirsty:

              Take the juice of ripen asiatic-greevia (falsa) mixed with water, it quenches over thirsty.
              7. Hiccup:


                Take asiatic-greevia (falsa); it ends phlegm and stops hiccup. It cures asthma.
                8. Throat disease:

                Throat disease:

                  Gargling with a decoction made from asiatic-greevia (falsa) bark provides benefit in throat disease.
                  9. Anuria and Dysuria:

                  Anuria and Dysuria:

                    Take a decoction of asiatic-greevia bark (falsa); it cures Spermatorrhoea, Anuria and Dysuria.
                    10. Rheumatism (pain in the joints):

                    Rheumatism (pain in the joints):

                      • Applying a paste of asiatic-greevia (falsa) bark on the affected parts provides relief in body pain. Its paste also provides benefit in rheumatism.
                      • Rheumatism can be cured by taking a decoction of asiatic-greevia (falsa) bark.
                      11. Sexual debility:

                      Sexual debility:

                        Taking the ripen asiatic-greevia (falsa) is useful to cure sexual debility.
                        12. Indigestion:


                          Take raw asiatic-greevia (falsa); it stops loose motions, dysentery, and increases appetite.
                          13. Bringing out the dead embryo:

                          Bringing out the dead embryo:

                            Apply a paste of asiatic-greevia (falsa) tree roots on the navel of woman, abdomen (the portion of which exists below of the navel) and vagina. It helps to throw out the dead embryo from the uterus.
                            14. Heart problems:

                            Heart problems:

                              • Prepare syrup by mixing sugar, a little quantity of dry ginger powder and water in the juice of ripen asiatic-greevia (falsa). Taking this syrup removes bile disorder and cures heart diseases.
                              • Taking the ripen asiatic-greevia (falsa) make the body strong. It is useful to cures heart disease and blood disorder due to bile.
                              15. Boils and Pimples:

                              Boils and Pimples:

                                and Pimples: Prepare a paste by grinding leaves and soft and tender leaves of asiatic-greevia (falsa). After that, apply this paste, it cures the boils and pimples.
                                16. Bile disorder:

                                Bile disorder:

                                  Take the juice of asiatic-greevia (falsa) fruit twice a day (in the morning and evening); it eliminates bile disorder, and provides relief from burning sensation due to bile.

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