Name in different diseases:

English        :        Airissp

Hindi            :        Pashan Bheda

Sanskrit       :        Pashan Bheda, Ashmghun.

Parsian        :        Goshada.

Taste: Airissp (Pashan Bheda) is bitter and pungent.


Airissp (Pashan Bheda) is the kind of bush. It is found in the rocks of mountain regions. So, it is called Pashan Bheda. Its leaves are green, thick, and sharp form sides. There are two types of it, Small and Big. Both are same by size and type but height is different.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Stomachache: Taking 1 to 2 teaspoon airissp (Pashan Bheda) with lukewarm water removes stomachache.

2. A medicine that increases appetite: Take roots, barks and stem of airissp (Pashan Bheda) as remedy; it increases appetite.

3. Loose motions: Taking 7 to 14 ml juice of airissp (Pashan Bheda) leaves with honey thrice a day provides relief to stops loose motion.

4. Stone, Anuria and Dysuria: Take 3 to 6 grams powder of airissp (Pashan Bheda) panchang (roots, leaf, fruit, flower and stem), it removes anuria and dysuria and breaks stone.

5. Prolapsus-ani: Taking about ¼ gram airissp (Pashan Bheda) regular twice a day (in the morning and evening) is useful to cure the diseases that are caused by the weakness of intestine and prolapsus-ani.

6. Bloody urine: Grind airissp (Pashan Bheda) with milk and lick it twice a day (morning and evening). It cleans the urine.

7. Stone:

  • Make the powder by grinding 3 grams airissp (Pashan Bheda), 3 grams holy garlic pear bark, 3 grams caltrop bark, 3 grams castor roots, 3 grams wild eggs plant and fox nut together. Take 2 pinches of this powder twice a day (in the morning and evening) regularly, it breaks stone, and throws out it.
  • Taking 10 to 20 grams airissp (Pashan Bheda) twice a day (in the morning and evening) regularly is helpful for the patient of stone.

8. Burning sensation of urine: Prepare a decoction by boiling airissp (Pashan Bheda), gochurphala, dry ginger and varunatvak together in equal quantity. Take about fourth ml of this decoction after mixing about fourth nitrate of potash in it twice a day (in the morning and evening), it removes retention of urine, burning sensation of urine, and breaks the stone of urinary bladder.

9. Stomachache: Take the juice of airissp (Pashan Bheda) leaves after mixing dry ginger powder in it, it ends stomachache.

10. Boil: Grind airissp (Pashan Bheda) or silafada with honey and apply it on the boils to cure them.

11. Epilepsy: Put 5 to 6 drops of airissp (Pashan Bheda) on the sugar and take, it cures epilepsy.

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