Aim and will power



          To get some values in life, will power and aim are very essential because he cannot get his values without these things.

          A man without aim and will power appears as train or vehicle without engine because no vehicle can move without engine. In the same way, a man can get nothing in his life if he has no aim and will power. A man cannot take any decision properly if his will power is weak.

          A man can do nothing if he has no aim and will power. He does not contemplate properly before doing any work. He thinks that he should have not do this work in this way after doing the work. He keeps on thinking the ways to do the work while doing the work and he does not become able to do the work. Such kinds of persons become the victim of inferior complexity. Their mentality become narrow because of which they do not get success.

          A man, who works hard mentally and physically with determination and pays no attention on extra things, gets success in his life. There is no good time to do any work except present. Hence, men should pay attention on time too along with his aim. He should complete any deed properly. In this way, a person gets success soon. 

          If any fault of a person is becoming an obstruction in his development, he should go in another direction. A man gets success only by completing the task of which he is doing.

          When a man makes aim with the help of his will power, he works very hard to do the work. In this situation, sub consciousness of the doer works rapidly too and new paths open before him to do the work properly. In this way, a man gets success if he runs on his path of doing work properly. Therefore, it can be said that a man can get success if he has an aim and will power to do any work in his mind.