Most of the people believe that ‘AIDS’ spreads by touch, by that crop of (at a result of it) he starts to afraid with the closeness (company) of the suffered person or by touching him, that is not right (appropriate). Actually, it occurs in a healthy person by the following ways- when a person keeps on involving in sexual intercourse with several partners without taking any precaution or when the blood of the infected person (infected by HIV) is transfused in a healthy person or when a doctor injects used syringe to a healthy person, etc. It spreads by the infection of HIV. 


  • The main reason of this disease is involving in sexual intercourse without any precaution.
  • It is multiplied by making sexual intercourse without insurance with more than one male or female.
  • AIDS is spread by the transfusion of the blood of HIV infected patient to a healthy person.
  • It is also found in a new born baby that is given by its infected mother.
  • If a doctor injects used syringe in a healthy person, that person has also suffered by this disease.


  • In the case of AIDS, low (slight) fever persists in the patient all the time.
  • He keeps on suffering from loose motions.
  • He looses his weight day-by-day.
  • He starts on feeling lack of appetite.
  • Cough starts and blood also comes with phlegm.
  • The patient keeps on feeling pain in his chest or minimum one disease related to his chest persists all the time.


  • Condom should be used each time while involving in sexual intercourse.
  • The suffered person should not give any his part or blood to others.
  • Insure before taking injection from a doctor that it is used or not.
  • The women is suffering from AIDS should not suck her baby.
  • In hospital, before transfusion of blood, check HIV test report of that blood.