It (Aids) is very serious and dangerous disease of the modern time. In case of this disease, the patient is unknown about it up to many years and is not able to find from which diseases he/she has been suffering. The disease resistance power of his/her body start ending progressively. Most of the patient is died within 3 years after finding this disease.    


            This disease is communicated by follow ways-

  • Involving in sexual intercourse in insecure manner (without taking precaution).
  • By injecting infected syringe.
  • From suffered mother to her child.

It does not communicated by following ways-

  • By shaking, kissing or holding tightly the infected person.
  • By living with the patient of this disease.
  • By sneezing or coughing.
  • By mosquito bite.


  • Losing weight.
  • Frequent fever.
  • Swelling in the glands.
  • Loose motion.
  • Sweating at night and pain in the body (body ache).


  • Sexual relations should not be made with many people. If yes, condom should be used at every time.
  • Avoid involving in sexual intercourse with prostitute or sex workers as far as possible.
  • In a saloon, ask the barber to use new blades for you shaving.
  • Injection should be taken always through new syringe.
  • The woman suffered from this disease should avoid to be conceived.
  • If it is needed to take blood in the hospital, be sure properly that is the blood of any healthy person or not.