AIDS means that HIV- human immunodeficiency virus. This disease arrives to each ether person by injection or sex. If the blood of AIDS patient is donated to any patient by forgetting, he also suffers from AIDS. White blood corpuscles reduce in this disease because of that resistance power reduces in the body. Symptom of this disease appears in the body after many years.  


        Red pimples occur on the body of AIDS patient with itching after 8-9 years to aids. Besides it, relapsing fever and evacuation in intervals are symptoms of AIDS.

For reading tips click below links      Aids is cured by following medicines:
1.     Big china root:

Big china root:

    Give 40 ml decoction of big china root to the patient twice a day regularly, it is useful to cure ulcer and pimples caused by sex.
    2.     Juniper berry:

    Juniper berry:

      It is best medicine. It can be used in any types of infections. Until now, it is also useful to end sthulantra dandanu bacteria. If the patient suffers from dangerous infection, 2-6 grams quantity of juniper berry can be given to him twice a day regularly because it ends fear of infection. It can be used in dangerous disease of AIDS too.
      3. Turmeric:


        Take 4 grams turmeric with cow milk regularly, it purifies the blood completely.
        4. Mask mallow:

        Mask mallow:

          Mix sugar candy with syrup of leaves and flowers of musk mallow thereafter give it to the patient twice a day, it provides relief in all disorders caused by sex.
          5. Alum:


            Mix one gram sugar candy with 20 grams alum ash and give it to the patient twice a day, it provides relief in aids.
            6. Indian sarsaparilla:

            Indian sarsaparilla:

              Take 40-80 ml infusion or syrup of Indian sarsaparilla thrice a day regularly, it provides relief in aids.
              7. Cinnamon:


                It is very useful for the aids patients because it increases white iota in the blood. AIDS reduces white iota in the blood because of that many types of diseases reduce in the body. Cinnamon ends stomach worms and cures stomach wound. About half gram powder or 1-3 drops oil of cinnamon should be taken thrice a day regularly.
                8. Tinospora:


                  Take 7-10 milliliters tinospora juice with honey or juice of bitter neem thrice a day to get relief in aids. Haridra, khadir and Indian gooseberry can be taken in this condition thrice a day. It also provides relief in wound and urinary diseases caused by spermtorrhoea.
                  9. Fiumaria indica:

                  Fiumaria indica:

                    Taking 25-50 ml decoction of panchang (stem, root, leaves, fruit and flower) of fiumaria indica twice a day regularly is useful to cure all disorders of the blood.
                    10. Indian penny wort:

                    Indian penny wort:

                      5-10 ml juice or 2-5 grams powder of Indian penny wort should be taken twice a day because it cures tumors and stops decay ness of the body. This medicine should be taken in enough quantity because it may be the cause of giddiness.
                      11. Indian sarsaparilla:

                      Indian sarsaparilla:

                        It is also called kapuri and salsa. It is best blood purify. Take powder of Indian sarsaparilla is useful to increase blood in 2 or 4 folds quantity. If blood quantity becomes increase in the body, it is not side-affects. It increases body strength and age. It helps in urination clearly and filters the blood. It is also useful to cure skin disorders, wound and inflammation. Take about ¼ parts powder of Indian sarsaparilla twice a day regularly; it is useful to cure gonorrhea too.
                        12. Barbering:


                          Vitality becomes reduce and bacteria increase the body due to aids. Barbering is useful to cure all types of bacteria. Take barbering for 2 months regularly; it increases memory power, capacity and body strength. The body lives healthy too. Take this medicine for one year in aids, it is useful. It is useful to cure vatta, pitta, kapha and menstrual excretion. This medicine should be taken 3 grams until 3 months there after 5 grams should be taken twice a day regularly.
                          13. Red lead-wort:

                          Red lead-wort:

                            Take half to 2 grams red lead-wort with honey twice a day regularly, it keeps the body healthy.