Agraphis nutans



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Introduction: -

Agraphis Nutans is an excellent remedy for curing body drowsiness, body looseness and diseases caused by cold and catarrh. 

Agraphis Nutans is also beneficial in the cases like- catarrh, enlargement of tonsil (tonsillitis), deafness caused by adenoids, loose-motions caused by cold, shivering due to cold air, throat and ear diseases with continuous secretion from the mucous membrane, dumbness in the childhood ( it is not related with deafness), etc.    

Relation: -

Some properties of Agraphis Nutans can be compared with Sepia, Calcarea-Phosphorica, Sulphur iodatum, Hydrastis, Calcarea-Iodeta, etc.

Dose: -

Agraphis Nutans should be used as 3rd potency and the mother tincture of this drug should be used only one dose.