Agnus castus



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Introduction: -

Agnus Castus acts better on the reproductive organs. This medicine decreases excitement and makes the mind unhappy. It is also very useful when nervous energy has destroyed. Its affects found on the reproductive organs of both male and female, but much on the male reproductive organs. 

Agnus Castus is very useful drug when oldness has come soon because of much involvement in sexual intercourse.

This medicine is very useful in the cases of wrench, sprain and itching sensation like pricking in all the body parts especially in the eyes.

Agnus Castus is very useful drug for curing diseases occurred in tobacco eaters who are neuralgic natured.

The people who waste their semen due to high sexual excitement suffer from neuralgic weakness and spend censurable life. Agnus Castus is used in the cases like- neuralgic weakness and malfunctioning of the nerves.  

People who spend opulence days with over sexual intercourses become physically weak and eunuch. Agnus Castus is used for curing such patient.  

Agnus Castus is very useful in following symptoms: -

Symptoms related with Mind or Mood: -

Agnus Castus should be used in symptoms like- sexual melancholy, fear about death, feeling of sorrow with death-fear, disconcentration of mind, weak memory, not curious for any work, feeling of fish and musk smell, neuralgic weakness, prophecies by the patient, etc.

Symptoms related with the eyes: -

Agnus Castus should be used in the cases of eyeball chaos, itching near the eyes and feeling of fear.

Symptoms related with the Nose: -

Agnus Castus should be used in the cases of feeling of fish and musk odour and pain behind the nostrils which ameliorates by pressuring.

Abdominal Symptoms: -

Agnus Castus should be used in the symptoms like- spleen swelling with intensive pain, stool softness and recurring in rectum, difficulty while excretion, cracked anus, nauseate with feeling as if the intestines have pressed downwards, desire for giving support to the intestines, etc.

Symptoms associated with Male: -

In the symptoms like- urine yellowness, tiredness in the penis, impotence, coldness and looseness of the reproductive organs, lack of desire for sexual intercourse, semen discharging before intercourse, chronic gonorrhoea and painful testicles with coldness, swelling, strictness, etc., Agnus Castus should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.

Symptoms associated with Female: -

In the cases of scanty menstrual flow, feeling of hate regarding to sexual intercourse, looseness of the genitals with leucorrhoea, agalactia (scanty of breast milk), feeling of sorrow, infertility, insanity caused by brain warmth, hemorrhage, etc., Agnus Castus should be used for perfect result.

Aggravation: -

Such symptoms aggravates by over semen discharging, hemophilia of women and profuse bleeding from the body due to any reason. 

Relations: -

Agnus Castus can be compared with Selenium, Camphor,  phosphoricum acidum, Lycopodium, etc.

In the case of Impotence, Agnus Castus can be compared with Agnus Castus.

Dose: -

Agnus Castus should be used as 1st to 6th potency to cure diseases.