Agaricus muscarius



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Introduction: -

If blood circulation has become slow in an old person, health has obsessed due to taking additional liquor or intoxicating materials and such symptoms are also found in his children, etc., using Agaricus Muscarius is very effective in these symptoms.

Agaricus Muscarius is very useful drug for cool natured people. The people who say that the strength of blood has reduced due to which, they are not able to tolerate cold. Different types of bad habits are responsible for it and nerves function are also reduced, hair starts falling from the head, the flesh and skin of the body becomes loose and other types of neuralgic symptoms are also found. Agaricus Muscarius is very useful in these symptoms.

If someone looked like an old due to vice acts, Agaricus Muscarius is an effective drug for curing it. This medicine is also very useful in diseases caused by hereditory weakness.  

If the patient feels too cold, shivering in the body parts, muscles, hands and feet, shivering starts just after getting up at night and stops after sleeping, the upper part of the head starts shivering and stops after sleeping, sometimes quivering and tinkling also take place in many parts of the body and the patient has all symptoms of chorea, etc., Agaricus Muscarius should be used in such symptoms for getting quick relief.   

If the child learns walking and speaking after a long time, it can’t stand soon due to softness and improper nourishment of the bones, suffers from lack of thinking power, takes a long time for learning anything and makes many mistakes, lost of memory, scares much, becomes unconscious by scolding, etc., Agaricus Muscarius is very useful for his diseases.        

When the patient loses the power of his brain and mind, he is not able to decide what he has to do and not in the morning, but he feels better in the evening, he cries and talks unnecessarily (delirium) like a tipsy, sometimes he whistles by mouth and doesn’t reply any answer, goes on speaking unnecessarily about future and behaves carelessly in any work, sometimes proves himself as intelligent, etc., Agaricus Muscarius is used for curing such symptoms.

When the patient belches, a type of odour like apple,  fruit comes out, feels coldness of his urine while urination, feels his teeth as unnatural, big, etc., Agaricus Muscarius should be used to remove such symptoms.  

Agaricus Muscarius is very useful in following symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

The patient goes on singing and speaking, but doesn’t reply of any question, he speaks over and doesn’t do any work, he scares, cries and deliriums something, he announces any prophecy and feels yawning and little excitement or behaves as if he is taken intoxicating materials, goes on crying, wants to injured himself, feels excess mental troubles that cuases much tiredness. Agaricus Muscarius is used for curing such symptoms.  

Symptoms related with the Head: -

Sometimes, the patient feels giddiness from sunlight and while walking. He feels as if his head goes on moving. He starts falling backward. He feels that any heavy thing has kept on the back part of his head or any pin or nail is buried in his head. When the patient reads or writes for a long time, starts feeling pain in the head. He feels that ice has kept on his head and feels prickly pain. He wants to put on warm clothes on his head, bleeding starts from the nose with headache. The patient suffered from these symptoms should take Agaricus Muscarius medicine for getting quick relief.

Symptoms related with the Mouth: -

Sometimes, the patient feels burning sensation and pain in the lips like stinging. The taste becomes sweet and blisters are formed in the mouth. The patient feels prickly pain in the tongue, over thirst, shivering in the tongue and tongue whiteness. Agaricus Muscarius should be used for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms related with the throat: -

Agaricus Muscarius is an appropriate drug in symptoms like- pricking pain in the ear pipe, contraction in the throat, coming small and solid clots of phlegm, dryness in the pharynx, troubles during swallowing and scratching inside the throat (aphasia) that causes difficulty in speaking, etc.    

Symptoms related with the Stomach: -

In the cases like- belches, feeling of apple flavour during belching, nerves problems, hiccups, fast appetite, flatulence, offensive foul of anus wind, feeling of tightness and burning sensation in the stomach after three hours of taking meal, intense pain in the liver, stomach straining, etc., Agaricus Muscarius is used for curing these symptoms.

Symptoms related with the Eyes: -

Agaricus Muscarius is an effective remedy in the cases like- tremoring of hands (inability of study caused by tremoring), loss of vision due to over work, redness of the edges of the eyelids with burning and itching sensation, eyelids sticking, redness inside the eyes, etc.

Symptoms related with the Ear: -

When the patient is suffering from burning and itching sensation in his ear and feels ear coldness, tremoring in the muscels near the ear, tinnitus aureum, etc., Agaricus Muscarius should be used in such symptoms.

Symptoms related with the Nose: -

Agaricus Muscarius can be used in the cases like- nose troubles, itching of inside and outside of nose, sneezing after cough, blowing of water from the nose, deep redness on the internal corner of the nose, offensive hemophilia from the nose, epistaxis and pain in the nose, mouth in the old age, etc.

Symptoms related with the Face: -

If the patient feels stiffness in the facial muscles, itching and burning sensaton on the face, feels pain as if a needle has pricked in the cheek, nerves pain as if cold needle like ice has pricked or pointed ice has touched, etc., Agaricus Muscarius should be used for the treatment of such symptoms.

Abdominal Symptoms: -

Agaricus Muscarius should be used for curing symptoms like- pricking pain in the liver, spleen and stomach, pricking pain below the small ribs of the left side of the stomach, offensive wind comes out from the anus with diarrhoea, foul smell comes from stool, etc.

Symptoms related with urine: -

Agaricus Muscarius is a beneficial drug in pricking pain of the urethra (urine way), much desire for urination, frequent urination, etc.

Symptoms associated with Female diseases: -     

If a woman is suffering from hemophilia during menses, early menses, tearing pain with pressure and itching in the reproductive organs and waist, pressure and intense pain below the reproductive organs, fast pain after menopause, sexual excitement, itching of the nipples with burning sensation, feeling intense pain in the reproductive organs after involving in sexual intercourse or giving birth to young ones, feeling much itching sensation in the vagina while menstruation, etc., using Agaricus Muscarius is very useful.    

Symptosm related with the respiratory system: -

Agaricus Muscarius should be used for curing symptoms like- violent cough, feeling pain after taking meal, headache starts after stopping cough, aggravation in cough and coming small clots of phlegm and problems of inhaling at night, cough is stopped after sneezing, etc.  

Symptoms related with the heart: -

In the cases like- irregular heartbeat and pulse rate after smoking, feeling pressure near the heart, contraction in the breasts, the face has turned in red, etc., Agaricus Muscarius should be used for excellent result. 

Symptoms associated with Skin diseases: -

Agaricus Muscarius should be used in symptoms like- itching, redness, burning sensation and swelling on the skin, eruptions appearing on the skin have become tough with violent pain in them, violent itching and pain on the skin pimples, pink pimples have appeared on the skin, swelling with coldness of the skin and deep red and spotted eruptions on many parts of the body with much itching on the body parts.   

Symptoms associated with sleep: -

If the patient is suffering from much yawning, burning and itching sensation on the entire body, startling suddenly while sleeping, awaking again and again with delirium, dreaming excessive dreams, sleeplessness in day and laughing unnecessarily after yawning, etc., Agaricus Muscarius should be used to cure such symptoms of the patient. 

Symptoms associated with fever: -

If the patient likes cold air, increasing body temperature in the evening, over perspiration from the body, feeling burning senation in the few parts of the body, etc., Agaricus Muscarius should be used for the treatment of such symptoms.

Symptoms related with the back: -

Agaricus Muscarius should be used in the symptoms like- intensive pain in the spinal cord and back, pain on the waist, aggravation of pain in open air, back stiffness, neck stiffness, etc.    

Symptoms of the external parts of the body: -

If the patient is suffering from symptoms like- stiffness in the whole body, intense pain on the hips, fast pain of the bone joints, getting relief by moving the hands and legs, the weakness of the back-bone, staggering while walking, itching in the toes and feet, feeling as if ice has freeze on the feet, slight pain in the soles, pain in the femur bones, paralysis and intense pain of the body pats, numbness in legs while sitting with crossed legs, effects of paralysis in left arm, increment of pain and heartbeat, fast pain with straining in the calf of legs, etc., Agaricus Muscarius should be used for curing his disease.

Aggravation: -

Such symptoms are aggravated in open cold air, after taking meals, sexual intercourse and in cold weather. 

Amelioration: - 

Such Symptoms starts ameliorating after falling pressure on the back, by moving and walking slowly.

Anti-miasmatic: -

Coffea, Camphor and Absinthium remove bad effects of Agaricus Muscarius.

Relations: -

In the symptoms of tipsy fainting, drugs like- Cannabis-indica, Hyoscyamus, Actea, Kali-Phosphoricum, Lachesis, Nux-Vomica, Omi, Strammonium, etc. can be compared with Agaricus Muscarius.

Some properties of Acte, Calce-ca, Lachesis, Stram, etc. can be compared with Agaricus Muscarius. 

Dose: -

Agaricus Muscarius should be used as 3rd, 30th, 200th potency for curing diseases.