Introduction: -

If the patient has been suffering from redness on the skin, itching and burning sensation on the whole body and feeling as if the whole body has immersed in icy water, etc., Agaricus should be used for the treatment of such symptoms, because this medicine is very effective for healing these symptoms.

Agaricus is very useful in following symptoms: -

Symptoms related with skin diseases: -

Agaricus should be used for curing red and itchy eruptions like chicken pox that have occurred on the body, face, nose, ear, etc. 

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

If the patient feels flapping sensation in the hands, legs and eyelids due to which, he goes on jerking his whole body, these symptoms do not appear while sleeping, etc., Agaricus is very useful for removing such symptoms.

Symptoms related with the spinal cord (backbone): -

Agaricus should be used in the cases like- pain in the back bone that is untouchable and is moving to the lower parts of the body, etc.

Symptoms related with nerve palpitation: -

Agaricus is a very useful drug for curing diseases of nerves pulsation. This medicine should be used in facial shivering that is moving to the hands and legs through the eyelids, etc.  

Dose: -

Agaricus should be used in 200th potency.