Aethiops mercurialis-mineralis


(Sulph. and Quicksilver or black sulphide mercury)-AETH-M-M

Introduction: -

Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis is very useful drug for curing scrofula related symptoms, eyes pain, scabies with itching, burning and pain, coats burning, generating of toxic substances in the body, etc. 

Use of Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis medicine:

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis drug is used for curing scabies related symptoms and skin diseases like bee hive.

Symptoms associated with the glands: -

The trituration of 3rd potency of the Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis medicine is very beneficial for curing scrofula related symptoms and swelling of the glands.  

Ears-related Symptoms: -

Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis medicine is used in otorrhoea (ear-pus). The trituration of 3rd potency of this medicine is appropriate to cure symptoms. 

Eyes-related Symptoms: -

This remedy should be used in the ulcer of white screen of the eyes. The trituration of 3rd potency of this medicine is beneficial for curing symptoms.  

Relation: -

Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis can be compared with Aethiops Antimonelis.


The trituration of lower potency especially second decimal potency of Aethiops Mercurialis-mineralis medicine should be used for curing symptoms.