Introduction: -

Adrenalin acts better on the functional unit of the renal (liver) glands. This medicine affects actively on the sensory nerves. As well it provokes of sisphathatetic nerve antigun, as it also acts on all the body parts. 

This medicine makes blood circulation as slow soon for a little while by using it on the mucus membrane externally and dripping it in the eyes makes the white layer of the eyes as yellow and goes on persisting for many hours. 

Due to rapid oxidation, this medicine is more effective, therapeutic and harm removal until it is used again.

Adrenalin stimulates mainly the syspathetic nerve antigun, especially intestinal area. As a result it, contraction takes place in the small arteries and blood pressure becomes high.    

This medicine acts chiefly in the stomach and eyes, partially on the skin and does not acts better on the lungs and brain. It also makes the pulse rate as slow and gives strength to the heart for proper functioning.

Adrenalin should be used in the cases like- much activeness of glands, diabetes, weakness of the respiratory organs, eyes diseases, contraction of the muscular tissues of the ovary, vagina and eyes and looseness in the muscular tissues of the stomach, intestines, urinary bladder, etc. 

Adrenalin is used for vaso-constriction action. So, it can be considered as powerful, curable for dysentery and helpful for stopping bleeding. It stops bleeding of vertebra from the body parts. External uses of this medicine affects much on the mouth, nose, ear, throat, rectum, stomach, voice organs, ovary, urinary bladder, etc. Adrenalin is also very useful in the case of hemorrhage due to accumulation of defective blood.  

For the use of this drug on the external organs of the body, its solution should be taken as the quantity of 1:10, 0,000–1:1,000. Spraying or applying this solution on the eyes, nose, throat and pharynx during operation doesn’t allow bleeding.  

The Paragaz fever and accumulated blood in the openings of the bones that are in the shape of net and snake’s hood can be cured by using 1:50,000 quantity of Adrenalin solution. Here, it can be compared with Hepar, because Hepar 1x is used for removing out of excretion.

Adrenalin is used in the ratio of 1:1,000 by injection for curing worlhoffs. This medicine should be used in 1:1,000 quantity of its solution externally as 1-2 minim ointment for curing neuralgic pain, nerves burning, pain in many parts of the body and joints pain.   

Adrenalin is used in the cases of accumulation of blood in the lungs, asthma, kidney diseases, arteriosclerosis (stoppage in arteries), chronic aortitis, angina pectioris, hemorrhage from body parts, Paragaz fever, haemophilia, chlorosis (anemia), Chhapaki and other type of diseases.

In the cases of giddiness, vomiting, feeling of nausea, stomachache, heart failure caused by side-effects of medicines, etc., Adrenalin can be used, because this medicine makes the blood pressure high by creating pressure on extreme sides of nerves.

Dose: -

This medicine should be used in 1 to 5 minim (solution of 1:1000 as chloride) after dissolving it in water by injection. 5 to 30 minims (solution of 1:1000 potency) is appropriate quantity for eating. 

Precaution: -

Adrenalin becomes spoiled in the contact of water and acid solutions due to sensibility with oxygen. The solution of this medicine should be used to save from air and light. This medicine should not be used quickly, because it impacts negative effects on the heart and arteries which may be cause wound. The attenuation of Adrenalin medicine should be used as 2 xs to 6x potencies for Homeopathy use.