Adonis vernalis



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Introduction: -

Adonis Vernalis is very useful drug for the heart, especially in the case of fatty degeneration after joints pain, influenza or kidney swelling. This medicine is very effective in curing many diseases.

 Adonis Vernalis makes pulse rate as normal and increases the contraction strength of the heart. It also increases urine quantity. It is also very useful for curing cardiac dropsy.              

This medicine acts effectively in the cases of heart weakness, slow heart function, slow pulse rate, chest dropsy (accumulation of water in the chest), dropsy, etc.

Adonis Vernalis is very useful in following symptoms: -

Head-related Symptoms: -

Adonis Vernalis should be used in the cases like- head lightness, headache that moves from the rear part of the head to eyes through temples, sensation of giddiness by moving the head in motions while getting up in the morning or at the time of lying down, feeling humming sound in the ears, the skull is felt as tighten, wide eyes, etc.

Mouth-related Symptoms: -

In the cases of mouth adhesiveness, tongue etiolation and dirtiness, pain and burning sensation in the tongue and feeling as if the tongue has burnt, etc., Adonis Vernalis should be used.

Symptoms associated with Urine: -

Adonis Vernalis should be used in oiluria (oil in the urination) and sediments in urine.

Abdominal Symptoms: -

Adonis Vernalis should be used in the cases of feeling too much hunger, heaviness in the stomach and senselessness, getting some relief in outside, etc.

Symptoms related with the Respiratory Organs: -

Adonis Vernalis is very useful drug in symptoms as- desire for breathing (inhaling) again and again, feeling as if a heavy weight has kept on the chest, etc.

Symptoms related with Sleep: -

In symptoms of restlessness with nightmares, Adonis Vernalis should be used to cure them.

Symptoms of the external parts of the body: -

Adonis Vernalis should be used to cure symptoms like- neck pain, stiffness and pain in the backbone (Spinal cord). 

Symptoms associated with the Heart: -

Adonis Vernalis is an effective drug for curing symptoms like- flow ness in returning blood coming from the aorta and aortitis (swelling of aorta), swelling of the mistral,  fatty heart, endocarditis (swelling in the inner part of the heart), pericorditis (swelling of heart caused by wound), pain in front of the heart, problems in inhaling and pulsation, accumulation of blood in the veins, asthma, fatty heart, myocarditis, abnormal heart functions, contraction in the heart, giddiness, fast and irregular pulse rate, etc.      

Relation with other medicines: -

Adonis Vernalis gives strength to the heart for proper functioning and increases urine quantity. Using fourth grain or 2 to 5 grain of first decimal of this medicine regularly makes pressure in the arteries and increases diastole of the arteries. This medicine helps in decreasing additional blood in the veins. Digitalis is also used for same purpose, but using this medicine again and again doesn’t provide good result. Thus, drugs like- Digitalis, Catelis, Canevaleria, Stophayans, etc. can be compared with Adonis Vernalis.

Dose: -

Mother Tincture of Adonis Vernalis should be used as 5 to 10 drops.