If someone asks a person what the adolescence is, he will say that arrival of puberty is adolescence. This fact is not true by any way. Of course, adolescence is the name of good health and strength. A person will be as young as much strength he posses.

It is said that this period of age is very critical stage of life for all the boys and girls. This period is between 13-20 years. A person either becomes good citizen or becomes a bad man.

Production of semen starts to make when a boy becomes 13-14 years old. This is the age when menstrual cycle starts in girls. Semen is existed in the body of boys since their birth but in a subtle form. Semen is immature between 13 to 21 years. If semen is spent in this period, nervous system of boy becomes affected. That is why, it is necessary to know that semen is the life. We should preserve our semen until 22-23 years. Generally, mostly boys get marry until this age. After that, if a man passes his life in a good way, he remains healthy and strong until 50-55 years.

It is said that strength depends on good stomach and life depends on semen. If a man becomes the victim of loose motions and he goes for evacuation repeatedly, he becomes weak because of it. In this stage, a man becomes so weak that he feels trouble in walking too. The cause of this weakness is that stool brings out from the stomach. Therefore, it is said that strength depends on stool. In the same way, life depends on semen. Persons, who destroy his semen in the absence of sex knowledge, should be aware about one thing that lack of anything becomes very hard to fulfill. There is one another cause also to supply this want.

Often, young persons destroy their semen through masturbation. There is pressure on the veins because of masturbation, which controls the semen. This is the reason that a man addicted to masturbation ejaculates soon only by a stimulating conversation or touching a woman. Such persons become the victim of nightfall too. It is called wet dreams. Sometimes, a person becomes the victim of nightfall at night and sometimes he destroys his semen by masturbating. This thing disturbs the nervous system of a boy. This is the reason that this kind of man loses controlling power on ejaculation.  

Sometimes, semen starts to decay while urinating. It is called spermtorrrohea. It can be called the first stage of impotency. A man victim of this disease ejaculates soon while making sexual relation with a woman. Body of the victim loses all his sexual power. Thus, both man and woman do not get orgasm during sexual intercourse. If the victim is the patient of constipation, semen ejaculates during evacuation of stool. Semen can ejaculate after urination too. Semen becomes thin when this disease becomes serious. Sometimes, it happens that a person know nothing that semen is falling with urine.

Human body is made in this way by nature that all the dhatus (elements) are produced and grow gradually in the body. If semen is destroyed on high level, all energy obtained by eating the body makes semen. Other supplies of the body remain unfulfilled if it happens. Sperms lose their power to produce offspring. Sperms either remain weak or destroy completely. A man of this kind has no power to produce a child. Whole life of a man is vain if he cannot produce a child.