Sun stroke



When the body temperature is increased comparison to normal, this condition is known as sun stroke. If this condition is not treated on time, it can be very dangerous for the body. This disease affects mostly those people who live in hot region. Mostly, small children and old people are affected by this disease.


  • The body temperature is raised up by living in bright sunrays for long time as a result of it there are 2 types of changes take place in the body.
  • Due to staying under bright sunlight, sweating takes place profusely resulting the body is suffered from dehydration (deficiency of water) and weakness.
  • The system controlling the body temperature is destroyed (stop working) due to living in bright sunlight resulting body temperature is raised up.
  • There are also many other reasons of increasing body temperature found like- over eating, taking additional liquor (alcohol), hard exercises and when someone does not wear clothe according to climate.  


This disease begins with raised body temperature. The skin of the patient suffering from this disease is faded and his skin becomes cold and sticky. In this disease, sweating takes place profusely as well as he starts feeling too weakness, headache, lethargy, fast pulse rate and vomiting. When this disease is aggravated, sweating is decreased or suppressed. The skin becomes hot, dry and red; pulse rate becomes fast and weakness comes. Many more symptoms are also found in this disease like- headache, body weakness and nauseate. Fever is raised up to 400C (1040F) as a result of it the patient can become unconscious.

If the patient’s condition is too serious, we should consult a doctor. Treatment-

If the patient’s condition is too serious, we should consult a doctor. We should try to make the body temperature low i.e. should give coldness to the patient and fulfill the requirement of water in his body immediately. Warm clothes should be also removed out from his body immediately and we should make him as lying down straightly on a cold (shaded) place and then measure the body temperature and pulse of the patient. We should offer him nutritive liquid substances until the patient start feeling better. If the condition of the patient is too serious, we should talk to a doctor.    

Treatment of sun stroke by acupressure treatment system-

The patient can be treated by giving pressure on the acupoints as shown in figure.