High blood pressure



When the blood circulation becomes fast or blood pressure becomes fast in blood vessels, it is called high blood pressure.


There are several reasons of this disease like- too much mental tension, living as afraid continuously, absent of physical work, complaints of indigestion and working hard. Due to extra toughness, flexibility is diminished in the blood vessels, due to which blood starts passing with speed inside the blood vessels and blood pressure is increased (high). Cholesterol found in eatables like- eggs, ghee, butter or fat is gathered (collected) in the blood vessels, as a result of it blood pressure is increased in these vessels and the disease named high blood pressure is occurred.  

In women, high blood pressure can be occurred due to kidneys diseases, disorders of pregnancy period and malfunctioning of the adrenal glands. It can be also occurred due to taking contraceptive peels.

The human heart is not a pump that runs continuously. It palpitates (beats) and then takes rest. Each beat of the heart generates a type of pressure and the blood starts going in the aorta from the heart, which is called systolic pressure. After that, pressure is reduced in gapping period of heart beats as a result of it heart chambers are filled with blood again as well as take rest, which is called diastolic pressure. 

Blood pressure is not found same in every people. It is vary in different people. With increasing age, blood pressure also goes on increasing or decreasing. Well, 100 to 140 systolic blood pressures and 60 to 90 diastolic blood pressures are considered as normal. 


There can be both low and high blood pressures found in the body. High blood pressure can harm the body. Headache occurs due to blood pressure; tinkling starts in the hands and legs and body balance starts disturbing.

In case of high blood pressure, giving pressure on the acupoints provides benefits to the patient.In case of high blood pressure, giving pressure on the acupoints provides benefits to the patient.In case of high blood pressure, giving pressure on the acupoints provides benefits to the patient.Treatment of high blood pressure by acupressure treatment system-

In case of high blood pressure, giving pressure on the acupoints provides benefits to the patient.

High blood pressure is dangerous for the body and due to it; extra pressure (tension) falls on the heart and blood vessels causing heart attacks, heart failure and diseases related to heart arteries. High blood pressure can also harm the retina and kidneys.

The patient of high blood pressure should take his treatment according to the advice of doctor and should take medicines recommended by him regularly with rules.

When the blood pressure of a person is increasing, he should put his little fingers of both hands in his ears and shake with effort like pumping. By doing like this daily for 2-3 minutes, blood pressure is decreased soon.

For curing all types of heart diseases and increasing it strength, the patient should try to keep his pituitary, thyroid and pineal glands in normal condition with giving pressure on the acupoints related to high blood pressure. By giving pressure on these acupoints regularly, the patient gets lots of benefits. Giving pressure on these acupoints 3 times a day with the help of thumbs for 5 to 7 seconds and giving pressure gently towards the upper part of the throat with the help of thumbs or fingers 2-3 times a day for few seconds are very beneficial. In additions to them, by giving pressure on the shoulders and arms for little while, the patient gets relief soon. It should be remembered that pressure should be always given before eating food or after 2 hours of it.

Few tips for reducing blood pressure-

  • The patient suffering from this disease should stop taking salt and spices in his diet and he should take rock salt instead of common salt.
  • High blood pressure becomes normal by drinking 2-4 glass of water after boiling in gold or silver utensils.
  • Taking a glass of fruit juice daily is very beneficial in this disease.
  • He should try to avoid his mental tension.
  • She should treat his all the endocrine glands.