Actaea spicata



Introduction: -

Actaea Spicata is an effective drug for eliminating pain of small joints. It is a very useful medicine for curing symptoms like- wrist pain, swelling of the fingers' joints, pain, and intolerable pain by touch, pain with coughing sensation, aggravation of such pain at night, etc.

Actaea Spicata is very useful for curing joins pain (Gout). This medicine is also useful in the cases like- wrist pain, burning sensation in the whole body with pain, intense pain in the liver and the kidney, obstruction in the veins carrying blood towards the heart, aggravation of pain by touching and moving, etc.

Uses of Actaea Spicata in following symptoms: -

Head-related Symptoms: -

  • If the patient is very timid and startles soon on any topic, entangles in any illusion, high blood circulation towards the head after taking coffee, feels much giddiness, feels headache as if his head is flapping, gets some relief in open air, etc., these symptoms can be treated by using Actaea Spicata.  
  • If the patient feels headache that moves from the forehead to the crown, feels much heat on the forehead, violent pain takes place in the left part of the head as if the bone of that place has crushed, feeling itching sensation and heat in the skull skin, the nose tip has become red and catarrh has occurred, etc., these symptoms should be cured by using Actaea Spicata.

Abdominal Symptoms: -

If a person has been suffering from intense pain in the digestive system as if someone has teat it, at the same time vomiting takes place, etc., Actaea Spicata should be used in such symptoms. This medicine is also very useful in the cases like- twisting pain in the stomach and digestive system with difficulty in breathing (inhaling) and suffocation, lethargy after taking food, etc.

Symptoms related with the Face: -

Actaea Spicata is a very useful remedy for curing symptoms like- intense pain in the upper jaw that is moved to the molar bones and temples, profuse sweating on the face and head, etc.

Symptoms related with the Stomach: -

In the cases of stomach straining with pain, feeling as if any pointed thing has pricked in the stomach and the stomach is inflating, etc., Actaea Spicata should be used for the treatment of such symptoms.

Symptoms of the Respiratory Organs: -

Actaea Spicata should be used in the complaints of abnormal and short breathing at night, feeling much suffocation; suffocation is due to exposing to cold air, etc.

Symptoms related with the external parts of the body: -

In the cases of hips pain, pain in small joints of the bones, wrist pain, pain in fingers, pain in ankles, pain in toes, swelling in the wrist and joints by doing any work, swelling by any work, redness on the swelling parts, paralysis in hands, twisting in the arms, pain in knees and laziness after taking meal or talking, all of these symptoms can be cured by using Actaea Spicata.

Relation: -

Actaea Spicata medicine can be compared with many drugs like- Kalo, Acon, Caulophyllum, Cimicifuga, Ledum, etc.  

Dose: -

Actaea Spicata should be used as 3rd potency.