Actaea racemosa



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 Introduction: -

       Actaea Racemosa should be used in symptoms as- irregular nerves pulsation, twisting (torsion), stiffness, senselessness, neuralgia, feeling cold without shivering, etc. Mostly these symptoms are found during menses periods.

       This is a useful drug for curing symptoms as- arthritis of the muscles, neck stiffness, straining in the rare of the head that make the patient as unable to move his head, feeling of pain in the upper portion of the muscles in arthritis, etc. 

       This medicine acts better on many organs of women body and cures various diseases related to the women.

       Actaea Racemosa should be used in the condition of pain in the upper membrane of the uterus when it moves from one part to other.

       Actaea Racemosa should be taken in symptoms as- uterus troubles with the feeling of pricking pain in many parts of the body. It provides quick relief.

       Actaea Racemosa should be used for curing symptoms as- trying to hurt himself, starts other talk with earlier topic, weeping nature, darkness before the eyes, sensation of glaucoma, covered head, etc.

       Sometimes, the patient feels illusions as if his brain will come out after cracking the head, the skull will burst, the head will fly, the eyes will come out, the backbone behind neck will remove, etc., Actaea Racemosa should be used in such symptoms.

       If the patient feels violent pain in his muscles after dancing, jumping, hard working or after doing any other types of hard works, etc., Actaea Racemosa should be used to remove such symptoms.

Actaea Racemosa is very useful to cure following symptoms: -

Symptoms related to the Head: -

       Sometimes, the patient feels as if pressure is falling in the head towards outside and stretching upwards with headache, he feels as if his skull will fly due to having pain on the upper portion of the brain; pain is as violent as it is moved to the eyes and then spinal cord; he becomes sleepless and sad; Sometimes, the patient feels as if he will become mad due to pain, etc., Actaea Racemosa should be used for curing these symptoms.

Symptoms related to menses disorders: -

       Actaea Racemosa should be used to cure symptoms like- menorrhagia (excessive bleeding from vagina during menses), at the same time, pain in the back, hips that is felt below the thighs, etc.

       This drug can be used for curing symptoms as- pain is taking place continuously in the breasts during young age and is aggravated while menses and menopause.

Gynecology Symptoms: -

       Actaea Racemosa can be used in cases as- shivering without feeling cold, senselessness, talkative of nonsense, feeling so sad, feeling much troubles, deep breathing, anxiety and sleeplessness (insomnia); Sometimes, suffered woman thinks as if she will become mad, etc.

       This medicine can be also used when the symptoms of hysteria are found in women.

Symptoms associated with Arthritis: -

       Arthritis affects mostly on the middle part of the muscles or stomach, Actaea Racemosa should be used for the treatment of such symptoms. This medicine is also very useful for curing neuralgic diseases.

Symptoms associated with Pregnancy: -

       Actaea Racemosa should be used in symptoms as- insomnia (sleeplessness) and nauseate during pregnancy, feeling as labor pain, violent pain in stomach, abortion in 3rd month of pregnancy, etc. 

Symptoms associated with delivery: -                  

       If a woman feels intense eyes pain after delivery, much shivering in the initial stage of delivery, neuralgic stimulation caused by senselessness, toughness of the uterus opening, she feels violent pain; spasm and strain are aggravated even by little sound, etc., Actaea Racemosa should be used for the treatment of above symptoms.

Symptoms related with sleep during delivery: -

       Sometimes, a suffered woman is not able to sleep due to post delivery pain, struggles here and there in restlessness, as soon as she sleeps, starts dreaming horrible dreams, never feels fresh after getting up from sleep, she doesn’t feel herself as light, fresh due to these symptoms, etc., Actaea Racemosa should be used adverse these symptoms.

Symptoms associated with cough: -

       Actaea Racemosa is an excellent remedy for curing dry cough of women that is aggravated when she tries to speak or talk.

Throat-related Symptoms: -

       If nauseate with vomiting is occurring due to pressure on the area near the throat and on the spinal cord, feels pain as if something is pricking inside the throat, etc., the use of Actaea Racemosa is useful.

Aggravation: -

       If a woman feels as much pain as bleeding takes place during menses periods and young age, if troubles are aggravated by cold, moist, moist air, doing of sewing work, taking alcohol, etc. and since, Actaea Racemosa acts little in these symptoms, it can be used in additional quantity for curing these symptoms.

Amelioration: -

       Few symptoms start ameliorating in open air, by walking slowly, suppressing disease and by putting on warm clothes, etc.

Relation (comparison): -

       Some properties of Caulophyllum and Puls can be compared with Actaea Racemosa.