Aconitum falconeri stapf



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Name in different languages:

Hindi         :             Vish, Vis, Vikh, Meetha teliya, Motho, vish, Meeto

Garhwali   :             Vish, Vis, Vikh, Meetha teliya, Motho,  vish, meeto

Latin         -:             Aconitum Falconerae stapf


           Aconitum falconerae stapf root is considered as anti-poisonous in Indian villages. It cures gout and ends gastric problem. Its root calms burning sensation. Make heat its root in hot ghee and put on joints. Patients get relief by doing so. Boil 14 gram powder with cow urine. Dysentery, fever and other diseases are cured by taking it. Wine can be made more intoxicating from its leaves. Put its leaves around the wine pot to make it more intoxicating.