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Ashoka Tree (Ashoka*) 

Acacia Tree (Babool*) 

Almond (Badam*)

Asafoetida (Hing*)  

Airissp (Pashan Bhed*) 

Asiatic-Greevia (False*)

Alum (Fitakari*)

Aganosma Dichotoma

Alocasia Indica

Alkali (Sajjikhar*)

Aniseed (Shonph*)

Andropogan Citratis

Atropa Belladonna

Arrow Root (Ararot*) 

Ailanthus Excelso

Amomum Aromaticum

Aconitum Palmatum


Asparagus Abscendens

Albizzia Lebbeck Benth

Asiatic Greevia

Anti-Poison Amaranths

Ammania Baccifera

Admant Creeper


Aconitum Falconeri Stapf

Arabian Lavender

Acacia Concinna

Asparagus Gonoclodos

Acacia Concinna

Atlternanthera Sessillis


Asparagus (Haliyoon*)

Apricot (Jardalu*)

Alhagi (Javasa*)

Anagallis Arvensis

Andropogon Jwarancusa

Aloe Americana

Azima Tetracantha

Aerua Lanata

Acacia Senegal

Arjuna Myrobalan

Arabian (Billilotan*)

Asteraceae (Gorakhmundi*)


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Aconite plants are found at the height of ten thousand to fifteen thousand feet from Sikkim to north-west Himalaya in India. There are 28 kinds of Aconite in India. It is poisonous and without poison.Introduction:

Aconite plants are found at the height of ten thousand to fifteen thousand feet from Sikkim to north-west Himalaya in India. There are 28 kinds of Aconite in India. It is poisonous and without poison. Its flowers are very charming and attractive. Poisonous Aconite’s panchang is also poisonous.  A person becomes unconsciousness only by smelling its poisonous flowers. Its round roots are more poisonous which are used in medicines. There are two types of Aconite in markets- black and white. Actually its original colour is dun and yellowish. So, it is called white Bachhnag. White Bachhnag is converted into black Bachhnag by painting it with black paint. Insects don’t attack on it by doing so. Its shape appears as calf’s naval and no other tree grows near Aconite. It is the main quality of Aconite.

Names in different languages:

English          -                      Aconite

Hindi              -                     Meetha vish, Meetha teliya, Bachhnag

Sanskrit         -                      Amrit, Vatsnabh

Gujrati           -                       Bachhnag

Marathi          -                      Vachnag

Bengali          -                      Kath vish, Meetha vish

Telugu           -                       Vasnubhi

Arabic            -                      Vish

Parsian         -                       Vichnag

Outer structure: Aconite plants survive many years. Its outer colour is dun and inner colour is white with a shine. Its stem is straight and simple. Its leaves are like rhazya stricta leaves. Aconite flowers are red, white and yellow. Its fruit is round and smooth.

Chemical structure: The poisonous elements Aconite and psudoaconitin are found in it.

Note: If a person swallows impure aconite, medical treatment should be started soon. Give him medicine of high potency and his hands and foot should be kept warm. Massage patient body. Give emetic medicines also to the patient.

Faults: Excessive use of Aconite may be the cause of death.


Purified Aconite is anti poisonous and vatta, pitta and kapha (trisdoshnask). Its use enhances sperm count.

Useful in different diseases:-

1. Cough and asthma:  keep1\4 gram aconite on the betel leaf and apply hot linseed oil on it. These leaves should be taken twice a day. Its use provides relief in cough and asthma.

2. Tonsils: Grinded Aconite is very useful for tonsils and other throat diseases.

3. Fever:

  • Taking sulfur, borax, cinnamon and other spicy and fragrant things, mix Aconite equal to half rice in it. It use ends relapsing fever.
  • Aconite is also useful in pneumonia but it should be taken in little quantity.
  • Grind well equal quantity of purified borax, asafetida, Aconite and croton oblongifolious and Indian privet juice. Prepare 65-65 mg tablets of this preparation. Take 1-1 tablet twice a day. Its use provides relief in wounds, swelling and fever.
  • Prepare 65 ml tablets by taking equal camphor, quinine and purified Aconite. Take 1-1 tablet twice a day. Fever is cured by taking these tablets.

4. Diabetes: Mix 10 grams Aconite with 70 grams walnut and give 1\4 gram to the patient for three days regularly. Its use provides relief in dysentery produced due to fear, diabetes, leprosy and paralysis.

5. Anuria and dysuria: Take purified Aconite equal to half rice. Its use provides relief in this disease.

6. Diabetes mellitus: A person who has been suffering from this disease should take Aconite equal to half rice. Its little quantity provides relief in sciatica, gout and tetanus too.

7. Pain in all organs:

  • Aconite oil ends pain of all body organs. Its paste is also useful for the treatment of gout and joint’s swelling.
  • Grind 25 grams barley with Aconite and fry this mixture in linseed oil. Massage with this oil cures all the types of pain and gout.

8. Nerve weakness: Taking 1\4 gram Aconite normalizes nerve palpitation. Besides it, diabetes mellitus, bed wetting and other diseases caused by nerve problem are cured.

9. For sex:

  • A person lives long and becomes healthy and enthusiastic by taking 1\4 gram Aconite mixing with borax. His heart works normally. Its use enhances sexual power and all five senses become powerful. A person remains far from fever, indigestion, gout, boil and pimples and other diseases if he takes it constantly.
  • Grind black myrolealans and white lead wort each 30 grams, 15 grams pepper and 9 grams white Aconite. Make a preparation by mixing cow ghee. Mix honey in this preparation and give 2.5 to 3 grams to the patient. Its use is useful for the treatment of white leprosy, asthma and other diseases. Its use enhances strength of the body. Mention that before its use clean your stomach properly if you are a patient of constipation.

10. Swelling:  Aconite is also useful for the treatment of fever with swelling and new fever with phlegm but it should be taken when temperature rises. Aconite is an effective medicine for children swelling.

11. Scorpion poison: Grind Aconite and apply this paste on the scorpion biting place. Take 1\4 gram Aconite also. Its use reduces scorpion poison.

12. Leprosy: Leprosy is cured totally by regular use of Aconite for three months.

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