Appearance of acnes is an ordinary disease of puberty. It is called tormenting of puberty and acne is its English name. It is called appearance of core too. This disease takes both male and female in its grip. This disease appears between the age of 13 and 25 years. Small spots appear on the face in this disease which is called acnes. Sometimes, acnes appear on the face on a large scale that they cover the whole face of the victim.     

There are two kinds of acnes.

  • Acnes appear on the face in the form of small spots and they maturate after sometime. Cores of these acnes are separated by pressing to the skin near about the acnes. Pores appear there which disappear after sometime.  
  • Second kinds of acnes are those which contain black cores without maturating.

Cause of the appearance of acnes:

  • Diseases related to Kapha, Vatta and blood are the major causes of the appearance. 
  • Skin becomes fatty if someone uses oily food in excessive quantity because of which oily glands of that portion enlarge and assume the form of pimples. That is the reason that acnes appear there.  
  • Acnes appear there if someone uses excessive fatty things, sugar (Shakkar), meat, wine, tea, coffee, cigarette and other intoxicating things on large scale. But, only young boys and girls become the victim of this disease.
  • Constipation and indigestion may be the causes of acnes too.
  • Both the males and females become the victim of this disease if they keep on involving in sexual life all the time.
  • Menstrual disorders in women can be the one cause of acnes.

Treatment of acnes according to naturopathy:

  • Stomach disorders are the major causes of the appearance of acnes. Therefore, a victim of this disease should take simple food viz without fat and oil. Thereafter, start the treatment according to naturopathy.
  • The patient should take green vegetables, boiled vegetables, lemon, orange, pomegranate, pear, apple, tomato, carrot, guava and papaya in his meal.
  • Eating bread prepared with the flour that has not been sieved and use of curd, whey is very useful in this disease. 
  • The patient should eat fruits and simple food twice a day.
  • The patient of acnes should remember some points too. He should pay attention whether urine is cleaning or not and sweat is perspiring or not. He should pay attention too whether his lungs are working well or not. He should remain far from constipation too.
  • The patient should keep fast for one day. He should do light exercise in morning fresh air regularly.
  • The patient of acnes should apply mud pack on his abdomen on his stomach for half an hour once or twice a day regularly. If the patient has been suffering from constipation, he should break constipation first. He should adopt enema once in 24 hours. 
  • The patient of this disease should not apply cream or snow on his face because use of these things enhances the number of acnes on the face.
  • Boil water in broad mouthed vessel. Put the vessel down when steam starts to fly from the water. Take steam on the face for at least fifteen minutes. Thereafter, rub the face with the help of soft towel. Wash face with cold water after sometime. Do this formula for at least thrice a week. Ultraviolet rays of sun are very useful for the treatment of this disease. Ultraviolet rays are present in the morning sunlight. 
  • For the treatment of this disease, the patient should stand before the sun in the east direction in the morning to take sunlight on his face. Pimples disappear by doing so for some days regularly.
  • The patient of acnes should keep a transparent mirror before the face in this way that blue colored light may fall on his face. Sun light should pass from the center of the mirror, acnes disappears soon by doing so for some days regularly.
  • Black cores of the acnes should be extracted out by pressing the face with the help of hands slowly when acnes dry. Apply cream of milk on the face. Acnes disappear soon by doing so.
  • Prepare a mixture by mixing powder of lentil, ghee, milk altogether. Apply this preparation on the face. Its use provides lots of relief.
  • Fresh milk should be rubbed on the face at night. Wash face in the morning properly. Acnes disappear soon by doing so.
  • Grind the bark of orange in milk and apply on the face thrice a day. Acnes disappear soon by doing so. 
  • Mix black soil in curd and apply this paste on the face at night before sleeping. Thereafter, wash face in the morning. Acnes disappear soon by doing so.
  • Grind the stone of date palm and mix lemon juice in it. Apply this paste on the face at night and wash after sometime. The victim gets rid of acnes by doing so for some days regularly. 
  • Grind liquorice with water into a fine paste. Rub this paste on the face properly. Acnes disappear within some days by this application.
  • Take coriander, white sweet root (Bach), yellow mustard, pathani, red sandal, madder root, bitter costus root, staff tree, black pepper, sprouts of banyan tree, rock salt each 10 grams. Thereafter, grind 5 grams turmeric and 40 grams pulse of lentil with the above material. Mix this preparation in the oil of jasmine. Mix 5 grams ground chalk in this 20 grams preparation properly and apply on the face before the bath. After sometime rub to the face slowly and take bath. Rub oil should be massaged on the face after taking bath. Acnes disappear by doing so.