Ache in Shoulder



        Generally, arthritis is not found in shoulders. When the structure of the joints gets affected because of any reason, the pain starts in the shoulders. The patient feels difficulty while walking because of the pain of shoulders.  

        The disease in which shoulders become numb occurs in men and women between the age groups of 50-75.  Shoulders become inactive because of pain.

Symptoms of this disease:

        The patient suffers from pain in the shoulders and shoulders become numb. He feels stiffness in the shoulders too. He does not sleep properly when he suffers from violent pain in the shoulders. 

Cause of shoulders’ pain:

        Nerve classification of the joint of shoulder and its structure takes birth through the fifth root of cervical vertebrae which comes out from the vertebrae of cervical. This is situated in the root of shoulder and in the region of sacrum muscle which keeps on spreading on the upper portion of the arm. Therefore, he feels excessive pain.

Treatment of this disease according to naturopathy:

  • First, the patient should massage his shoulder for the treatment of this disease. Cold and hot application should be applied on the shoulders too so that blood may circulate if the blood has been accumulated in the blood cells near about the shoulders. Thus, pain of the shoulders disappears.
  • Shoulder should be fomented in sunlight because ultraviolet rays have the capacity to reduce the pain. Cold application should be applied on the shoulders too and thereafter apply mud pack. Thus, pain of the shoulder disappears.
  • Cold application should be applied on the shoulder for at least one hour at night. Stiffness and pain of the shoulder disappear by this treatment. 
  • Exercise in the morning is relief for the treatment.
  • The patient should not take meat, fish and other meat products.


          Ache of the shoulders is cured by doing the treatment as mentioned above.