Acetic acid



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Introduction: -

          Acetic acid is very useful drug for curing anaemia. This medicine is also very useful in the weakness of the body, frequent unconsciousness, difficult breathing, and diabetes mellitus, profuse sweating, bleeding from any part of the body, body etiolation, loose, flabby muscles with body weakness, etc.

          This medicine is also very useful for curing cancer of the upper skin and cancer of both the internal and external body organs.

          The use of this drug is beneficial in female disorders with joints pain, tumours and stomach gas.

          Using 1x solution of Acetic acid makes the abscess soft and mature and helps in the formation of pus and curing them.

          Acetic acid should be given to such patients who have been suffering from symptoms as- diabetes mellitus, chronic loose-motions, tuberculosis with the feeling of burning sensation, violent thirst, lack of thirst during fever, etc. cold beverages should not be taken after using this drug.

          If the patient is mentally disturbed and his physical condition is also chagrin; his is as much disturbed mentally as he can’t remember any early incident; the patient is not able to identify his own children and he thinks portentous thoughts; patient becomes irritable temperament and goes on thinking about his business all the time, etc., Acetic acid should be used for curing such mental symptoms.      

          Acetic acid is very useful drug for curing symptoms as- complaint of cough during chronic tuberculosis, swollen hands and feet that starts from hands, loose motion, difficulty in inhaling, fever with tuberculosis, profuse sweating at night, bleeding from lungs, burning sensation in chest and stomach, whirrhing sound in the chest, etc.

          The use of Acetic acid is beneficial in the cases of injury, chloroform and after the operation. This drug also helps for checking poison of dog and cat biting. It destroys the abuse of poison.

Acetic acid is very useful to cure following symptoms: -

Head-related symptoms: -

          Acetic acid is very useful remedy for curing symptoms as- headache, feeling rapid circulation of blood towards head with giddiness, stretching of the temple nerves, feeling pain from one edge to other edge, etc.     

Symptoms associated with Mind (Mood): -

          Acetic Acid is a beneficial drug for curing symptoms as- irritable temperament and the malady caused by over thinking about his business.

Face-related symptoms: -

  • Acetic Acid should be used in symptoms like- facial etiolation, becoming the face as wax, one cheek is colourless and other is red, shrinking eyes and black circles around the eyes, profuse sweating from the face, etc.
  • This medicine is also used in cases- lips cancer, feeling of faded and ardently cheek and pain in the left joint of jaw.
  • If any symptom of the face is found in a person, Acetic Acid should be given to him.

Stomach-related symptoms: -

  • If a person has been suffering from additional salivation, over thirst, producing of yeast in the stomach, feeling pain while drinking cold water, complaint of vomiting after taking meals, slight pain in the organs related to the digestion system, feels as if an ulcer occurs in his stomach that causes pain, burning sensation, etc., Acetic Acid is very useful in such symptoms.
  • Some patients have symptoms as- complaint of sour eructations and vomiting with stomach cancer and burning saliva in the mouth.  

          It is also very useful in symptoms like- additional hydrochloric acid in the body and pain in the digestive systems.

          Sometimes, a patient is suffering from sensation of burning with pain in the stomach and the chest region followed by coldness of the skin and cold sweating on the forehead.

          The use of Acetic Acid drug is beneficial for curing any symptom that are described above.  

Abdominal symptoms: -

  • Sometimes, the patient feels as if his stomach is shrinking inward, frequent diluet loose-motion that aggravates in the morning.
  • Some patients have the complaints of dropsy with intestinal hemorrhage.

          Acetic Acid should be used for curing any symptom associated with the abdomen.

Symptoms associated with Urine: -

          Acetic Acid should be used for the treatment of symptoms like- diabetes mellitus, diabetes with body weakness, etc.

Symptoms related with Female: -

  • Hemophilia (additional bleeding) during menses.
  • Bleeding after delivery.
  • Complaint of retching during pregnancy with enlarged and painful breast; the breasts are filled with additional milk; the breast milk has turned in blue appearance and become polluted, at the same time milk has become transparent and sour.
  • Anaemia in mothers during feeding.  

          The use of Acetic acid drug is beneficial for curing any symptom associated with such types of female symptoms.

Symptoms related with pregnancy: -

  • If the pregnant has suffered from vaginal hemorrhage during pregnancy, soak a cotton piece in the solution of Acetic acid and put it as far as possible inside the vagina. It stops bleeding. For this purpose, one part of this medicine should be mixed with nine times of water for making the solution.
  • If a pregnant has symptoms as- watering the mouth day and night, sour belches, vomiting, etc., the use of Acetic Acid is beneficial.

Symptoms related with the back: -

          The use of Acetic acid is very useful to cure back pain that is ameliorating by lying down on the stomach.

Symptoms related with haemorrhage (bleeding): -

          Acetic acid is a useful drug for stopping bleeding from several vental body parts as-  throat, lungs, stomach, anus, uterus, ovary (upper membrane of ovary), etc.

Symptoms related with the respiratory system: -

  • Patient has symptoms as- rumbling and whirring sound is producing while inhaling, difficuly in breathing, cough while inhaling, etc.  
  • Some patients are suffering from the stimulation of the membrane, breathig systems and breathing tubes caused by dry cough, feeling of something entangled inside the throat, excess discharging from respiratory tube, feeling burning sensation in the throat, etc.

          The use of Acetic acid is beneficial for curing such symptoms of the respiratory system.

Symptoms related with external body parts: -

          Acetic acid should be used to cure injured parts of the body and pain in the hands and feet.   

Symptoms of skin diseases: -                               

          Acetic acid is an effective drug in symptoms as- yellowness of the skin, feeling of tender skin like wax, burning sensation of the skin, feeling hot, profuse sweating from the skin, sting by any poisonous insect, swollen veins, etc. 

Symptoms associated with fever: -

          Acetic acid should be used for curing symptoms as- profuse sweating at night in fever, redness of the left cheek, flecks on the cheek, lack of thirst during fever and profuse cold sweating. 

Relation of Acetic acid with other medicines: - Acetic acid removes abuses of several drugs.

          It destroys poisonous effects of packed and spicy meat.

          This medicine removes all the bad effects of chloroform, opium and thorn-apple and fume of gas (gas of LPG) and coal.

          This medicine destroys bad effects of sider vinegar or apple’s vinegar and carbolic acid.

Comparison of Acetic acid with other drugs: -

          Ammoni acetate is used in the cases of additional sugar found in the urine with profuse sweating. Acetic acid can be also used for curing such symptoms instead of Ammoni acetate. Thus, some properties of Acetic acid can be compared with Ammoni acetate.

          Bezoin Odery Ferrum-Spidus-Wood is used in profuse perspiration at night, but Acetic acid can be also used instead of this medicine. So, Acetic acid can be compared with this medicine.

          Ars, China, Digitalis liatris are used in dropsy with the disease of the heart and the liver and chronic loose-motion (diarrhea), but Acetic acid can be also used for curing such symptoms. So, some properties of Acetic acid can be compared with these medicines.

          Acetic acid is an effective drug for curing rickets, tuberculosis and many types tuberculosis of small children. Such diseases can be also recovered by Ebro, Iodum, Saini, Tuberculinum, etc.instead of Acetic acid. Thus, Acetic acid can be compared with these medicines.

Aggravation: -

          The symptoms of diseases are aggravated by lying on the back, taking rest, exposure to cold, etc.

Amelioration: -

          Few symptoms start ameliorating by lying down on the stomach.

Dose: -

          Acetic acid should be used in 3rd to 30th potencies for curing diseases. This medicine can be used again and again in the case of whooping cough, but can not be repeated in other diseases.