Introduction: -

     Acetanilidum prevents blood pressure and makes the heart and respiratory functions normal, helps in falling of the body temperature. This is a useful remedy for curing diseases of ecchymosis (Neel) and Collapse (Nipaat). It can cure the sensibility of cold. This medicine is also useful in case of yellowness (etiolation) inside the eyes.

Acetanilidum is very useful in following symptoms: -

Eye-related symptoms: - 

     Acetanilidum is a useful remedy for ending symptoms as- retinal yellowness, eyes contraction, chaos pupils, etc.

Head-related symptoms: -

     If the patient feels enlarged head, unconscious and he does not understand that what is happening? Patient doesn’t know what should be done or not, etc., Acetanilidum is very useful drug for curing such type of symptoms.

Heart-related symptoms: -

     Acetanilidum should be used for curing symptoms as- heart weakness, abnormity in the blue mucous membranes of the heart, pain of the legs and ankles, sediments like food particles in urine, etc.


     Acetanilidum can be compared with Antipyrinum.

Dose: -

     If the patient has suffered from fever and neuralgic pain, should take 1 to 3 grains of Acetanilidum. Use 3rd potency for Homeopathic treatment.