Introduction: -

Absinthium acts better on the patient of epilepsy and it is very beneficial for him. When the patient suffers from epilepsy attacks, neuralgic throb, sudden giddiness, illusion, unconsciousness, etc., this drug is very useful in curing these symptoms. This medicine is also very useful in infantile restlessness caused by rheumatism. In diseases caused by mushroom, shivering in the body, neuralgia, excitement (stimulation), insomnia, etc., this drug is very useful.    

Absinthium is very useful in following symptoms: -

Head-related symptoms: -

Absinthium is used in cases as- condition of falling backwards due to rapid dizziness, too much illusion and desire for keeping pillow under the head, chaos pupils, face has turned as blue, feeling of slight pain in the rear portion of the head, etc.

Mouth-related symptoms: -

Absinthium is used in cases as- locked jaw, cutting the tongue with teeth, staggering of the tongue, feels as if the tongue has enlarged after swelling, etc.

Mind-related symptoms: -

Sometimes, when the patient has been suffering from symptoms as- illusion, weak memory, desire for stealing, fear from dreadful things, unknown about his surroundings,  no interest in keeping relation with others, cruel natured, etc., the use of Absinthium is very beneficial.

Throat-related symptoms: -

Sometimes, patient feels as if his throat has burnt with hot water or something round is hanging, etc., the use of Absinthium is beneficial in these symptoms.

Stomach-related symptoms: -

Absinthium can be used to cure symptoms as- feeling nauseate, vomiting, belching, the stomach has inflated due to formation of gas inside it, etc.          

Symptoms associated with Urine: -

Absinthium is an effective drug for curing the desire of frequent urination, offensive smell of urine and deep yellow urine.

Symptoms associated with Reproductive systems: -

If a woman has been suffering from stabbing pain in right portion of the ovary, weak and loose penis after emission, early menopause, etc., Absinthium is very useful for curing these symptoms.

Breasts-related symptoms: -

Sometimes, the patient feels as if there is weight on his chest and irregular heartbeat and heart beat has become as vibrate that is heard in the back, etc., Absinthium is very useful remedy for curing such type of symptoms.

Symptoms of the external organs of the body: -

Absinthium should be used in the cases like- pain in hands and legs, paralytic symptoms, etc.

Relation: -

Absinthium can be compared with drug- Artemisia vulgris, Hydrocyanicum acid, Cina, Surasaar, secuta virosa etc.

Dose: -

Absinthium should be used as 1st to 6th potencies.