Small eruptions start to appear on the body in this disease. There are pus and seepage too in these small eruptions. There is a tumor too in boil due to this disease which becomes soft after some days and pus and polluted blood fills in the boil. It is called abscess. Polluted blood and pus start to flow out from the boil when it bursts. 

        There are two kinds of abscess big and small. The patient of this disease keeps on suffering from constipation too. Sometimes, abscess disappear within two three days themselves but some boils do not disappear soon. Boils become dry within 7-10 days after bursting. When a boil is touched again and again, it becomes abnormal and changes into, sinus, guniaworm and cancer. The patient suffers from excessive pain.

Causes of abscess:

        Gathering of polluted liquids in the body is the main cause of the origin of abscess. When polluted liquids mingle in blood, they try to come out by assuming the form of eruptions on the weak portion of the body. There is pus and seepage in these eruptions. A tumor produces in the abscess and sometime disease affected portion becomes red too. The patient feels inflammation, itching and pain.

Natural treatment of abscess by nature therapy:

  • Lukewarm water should be sprayed on the abscess twice or thrice a day for the treatment until the abscess suppurates. Or hot mud pack should be kept on the affected portion for 10 minutes for two three times within 2 hours. Polluted blood and pus should be expelled out from the abscess by breaking it when it suppurates properly. Thereafter, grind the leaves of neem and apply on the wound of abscess. Tie a bandage on the wound properly. Abscess is cured within some days by doing so.
  • The patient should take enema with lukewarm water regularly to cleanse the stomach and to expel out the polluted liquids from the body.
  • Mix lemon juice in water and wash the wound of abscess with this water. Thereafter, tie a bandage of cloth on the wound. A bandage drenched in hot water should be kept on the abscess for at least five minutes when pus is produced in it. Thereafter, pus and polluted blood should be expelled out from the abscess by breaking it. After that, the wound of abscess should be fomented 3-4 times in a day with the piece of cloth drenched in cold water. Abscess disappears soon by doing so.
  • Apply a hot mud pack on the wound of the abscess after giving a little steam twice a day when the abscess bursts. A wet bandage of water can also be kept on the wound too in place of hot mud pack. The bandage should be untied by drenching it with cold water.
  • When boils are appearing on the body of the patient on a large scale, the patient should keep fast for two days and he should drink juice of fruits during this period. He should take enema with lukewarm water during day. In addition to, the patient should take lemon mixed water. The patient should take bath by keeping bandage of cold water on the wound. He should wash his feet with hot water. The patient should take hipbath (Kati-Snana) and cold sitz bath (Mehen-Snan) twice a day. A hot mud pack should be kept on the stomach before sleeping at night. The patient should take bath with lukewarm water and body should be mopped with towel. Abscess should be kept in green and blue light. The boil disappears soon by adopting natural treatment.     
  • Mix lemon juice in coconut water and apply on the wounds of abscess to avoid from flies. In addition to, start natural treatment. The abscess is healed up soon by this formula.
  • The abscess is healed up soon if 4-5 leaves of neem are chewed in the morning.