Absculus hippocastanum



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Introduction: -

Absculus Hippocastanum acts better on the lower intestine. In piles, blood goes on accumulating in the veins and they are inflated and at the same time pain also takes place in the back, but he does not suffer from constipation in real. Absculus Hippocastanum proves very beneficial in these symptoms. It is also very useful in symptoms like- scanty bleeding with fierce pain, accumulation of blood in the veins with swelling of them and their colour is changed into brinjal and the function of the intestines, digestion, heart have become slow, etc.   

Absculus Hippocastanum is a useful in symptoms like- slow function of the liver veins, less blood effects with constipation, slight pain in the waist with the feeling of broken waist and the patient becomes unable to do his daily work, pain in the several parts of the body, feeling as the accumulation of blood in several body parts, blood has blocked in the throat veins after accumulation, dried, swollen mucous membrane, etc. This medicine provides quick relief in the above symptoms.

Absculus Hippocastanum is very useful to cure following symptoms: -

Head-related symptoms: -

Sometimes, the patient is gloomy, irritates and feels his head as heavy, confused, cold painful, feeling pressure on the forehead and incessant pricking pain in the right womb (hypochondrium). The patient feels crushing pain in the skull and pain in the portion from rear of the head to front forehead, mostly in the morning,  Absculus Hippocastanum is an effective drug for curing such symptoms. If a patient has been suffering from giddiness while walking, neural pain from right side to left side of the forehead and after that there is a pain also in the half portion of the digestive system, Absculus Hippocastanum  should be used.

Nose-related symptoms: -

Sometimes, patient feels the sensation of cold air while inhaling, becomes sensitive to air inhaled by the nose. Sneezing with catarrh and pressure is falling on the breathing tube; the membranes of the nose bone are stretched and puffed. If these symptoms are caused by the malfunctioning of the liver, Absculus Hippocastanum should be used.

Eyes-related symptoms: -

Absculus Hippocastanum is very useful to cure symptoms like- heaviness and warmth of the eyes, watery eyes, painful eyes cavities, fast circulation of blood in the vessels, etc. 

Symptoms related with the Mouth: -

Absculus Hippocastanum should be used in the symptoms of mouth sourness, excessive salivation, thick coat on the tongue, feels as if the mouth has burnt with hot water, etc. 

Symptoms related with the Stomach: -

Sometimes, the patient feels as if a stone has kept inside the stomach and feels pain that is felt by him after three hours of taking his meal, he feels heaviness and pain in the liver. Absculus Hippocastanum should be used for curing such symptoms. It is beneficial.

Abdominal symptoms: -

Absculus Hippocastanum should be used in symptoms like- slight pain in the liver and digestive systems, pain in the navel region, jaundice, etc.  

Throat- related symptoms: -

If a patient feels warmth, ragged and dryness in the throat, prickly pain in pharynx (food pipe) while swallowing meal, swelling and puffing of the pharynx, sensitiveness in throat tube, feeling of scratched and contraction in the throat and burning sensation in the throat while swallowing meal, Absculus Hippocastanum is effective drug in such symptoms. If a thin, weak and bile natured person is feeling coldness, thickness and sweetness of the throat phlegm, this medicine can be used to cure such symptoms.

Rectum-related symptoms: -

Sometimes, the patient feels slight pain in the rectum, intense pain in anus while excretion, raggedness in anus and the rectum comes out while excretion. The patient feels as if small wood pieces are filled in his rectum. Patient suffers from flatulence and bloody piles with unbearable back pain. Women suffer from flatulence and bloody piles during menses, swelling in the mucous membrane and obstruction in stools. Absculus Hippocastanum is an effective drug for curing these symptoms. The people who are suffering from stomach pain caused by worms should take this medicine. This medicine kills stomach worms and throws them out through stool. Absculus Hippocastanum medicine is also used in case of burning sensation of the anus and coldness in the back.

Symptoms associated with Urine: -

Absculus Hippocastanum can be used in symptoms like- frequent urination, scanty urination, warm and muddy urine, pain in the kidney that is moving from the left kidney to the urinary tube (ureter).

Symptoms associated with Male: -

Absculus Hippocastanum should be used when prostate fluid comes out during excretion.

Symptoms associated with Female: -

Sometimes, women feel wetness and liquidness in the sysmphsis pubis, deep yellow and sticky leucorrhoea and scratchiness in the flesh of sysmphsis pubis during menses. Absculus Hippocastanum should be used for curing such symptoms.

Breasts-related symptoms: -

Sometimes, the patient suffers from suffocation; women feel her heart beat as fast and heavy, feeling of heartbeat in the whole body. Patient feels burning sensation in his throat, cough caused by liver diseases and warmth near the chest. Patient of piles feels pain near his heart. Absculus Hippocastanum is effective remedy to cure such symptoms.

Symptoms of external body parts: -

Absculus Hippocastanum should be used in the symptoms of convulsion and pain in the hands and legs, pain is like that of bullet and felt by the patient from the upper portion of his left shoulder to the lower portion in his arms and numbness in upper section of the finger. This medicine is appropriate in above symptoms.

Back-related symptoms: -

The patient who has been suffering from prickly pain in the neck, weakness of the rear of neck, pain is moved towards hips; pain is aggravated when the patient walks or bend, etc, Absculus Hippocastanum should be taken for curing these symptoms. Sometimes, the lower part of the leg is bent by itself during walk and the patient feels burning sensation, tiredness and swelling in his soles; hands and legs become red after washing, felt as heavy, etc., these symptoms can be cured by using Absculus Hippocastanum.

Symptoms related with Fever: -

Sometimes, patient is suffering from coldness in evening, that is moved from upper to lower portion of the back, fever persists from 7 p.m to 12 p.m, fever is in its aggravated form in the evening and the skin become hot and dry, profuse warm sweating during fever. Absculus Hippocastanum is an effective drug these symptoms.

Diminution of Absculus Hippocastanum: -       

Its symptoms are removed in the morning after getting up, by any type of movement, walking, after excretion, taking meal, after noon, while standing and in cold air.

Relation between Absculus Hippocastanum and other medicines: -

Esculus Glabra is used the burning sensation of the rectum, this symptom can be also cured by taking Absculus Hippocastanum.

Phytolacca is used in cases like- appearing outer painful piles warts with deep purple appearance, constipation, headache, giddiness, accumulation of blood in the blood veins of the liver, hoarseness, tickling in the throat, eye faults, paralysis partially, etc. Absculus Hippocastanum can be also used for curing such symptoms.

Negundium Americanum drug is used in blood accumulation of the rectum veins and in piles with fast pain. (10-10 drops of its mother tincture can be given to the patient at an interval every 2-2 hours). Absculus Hippocastanum can be used in such symptoms.

Absculus Hippocastanum can be also compared with other drugs- Nux., Sulphur, Collinsonia canadensis, Aloe, etc.

Dose: -

Absculus Hippocastanum should be used as its mother tincture to 3rd potency.