When a big node like growth is appeared filled with pus on any body part and tissue, it is called abscess. It is as bigger as it does not considered as pimples or boils. These nodes are grown within few days and start paining. A small opening (mouth) is appeared on them that is later burst and pus starts coming out. In this way, after coming out pus, they start healing. If any type of carelessness is followed, they take many months in recovering. In many cases, the mouth does not appear in them resulting they take long time to be cured.

Types of abscesses-

  1. Tooth cavity abscess- In this case, burning and pus are occurred around the tissues found above the tooth root.
  2. Tanka abscess- Such type of abscess are appeared around the tanka along with violent pain and burning.


        This disease often occurs due to infections that destroys many body cells. Mostly, it occurs in the deep of pores due to infection. It occurs by the bacteria named staphylococcus pyoginas orias. In the deep of pores, hairs’ root is found. When the hairs are broken at their root, this type of abscess is occurred on that place.  

Treatment of this disease through magneto therapy-

        When such type of abscess appears on the lower parts of the body, magnet should be used on the soles of the sufferer. For this purpose, the north pole of the magnet should be used on the right sole and the south pole of the magnet should be used on the left sole. But, it appears on the upper parts of the body, the magnet should be used on the palms. Since, this disease occurs due to infection, so North Pole oil should be applied on these abscesses. To purify the blood, magnetized water should be given to the sufferer for drinking as a dose of medicine. If the north pole of ceramic magnet is used on the abscess in its initial stage, it is cured soon.