Introduction: -

Abrotanum is very useful drug for curing marasmus (in which the body starts drying) especially when body organs are affected too from this disease. The use of Abrotanum is very beneficial for curing disease which occurs after suppression of other disease like- gout occurs due to suppression of loose motions especially in the case of gout.

If a child is very quarrelsome and tetchy and hits thing with his legs which are before him or if a child has suffered from hydrocele (enlargement of the testicles), nose bleeding, etc., Abrotanum is very useful.

Sometimes, a disease has occurred after suppressing other disease, Abrotanum is very useful in this condition and the disease is cured by its use. For example- the breasts or testicles are enlarged and become tough (hard) due to suppression parotid (ear root) during treatment, Abrotanum will be very useful.

If dysentery or loose-motions are suppressed after taking any crude medicine and causes rheumatic ailments, Abrotanum will be very useful in this case.

Abrotanum is very useful for curing following symptoms: -

Face-related symptoms: -

Abrotanum is an effective drug for wrinkled and cracked face, coldness of the facial skin, dryness and etiolation of the skin, appearing blue/dark circles around the eyes, nose-bleeding (epistaxis), etc. 

Symptoms related to Mind: -

Abrotanum is a useful medicine in the symptoms like- irritation, stubborn nature and becoming nervous easily, dejection, etc.

Stomach related symptoms: -

Abrotanum should be taken for the treatment of symptoms as- excessive appetite, oily taste of the tongue, vomiting, unbearable pain in the stomach at night, etc.

Abdomen-related symptoms: -

Abrotanum should be taken in the cases of loose-motions, constipation, bloody loose motions, piles and hard tumors inside the stomach.  

Symptoms related to Respiratory System: -

Abrotanum is very useful for curing symptoms like- dry cough followed by loose-motions, intense pain in the heart and the portion near it, difficulty during inhaling and exhaling.

Back-related symptoms: -

Abrotanum can be given to the patient when he has suffered from symptoms as weakness in the neck, intense pain in the back and unable to hold the head up.

Symptoms associated with Arthritis (rheumatism): -

If a rheumatic patient has been suffering from diluet loose-motions, slight pain, constipation and aggravation pain suddenly, he should take Abrotanum for getting relief.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body: -

Sometimes, a patient feels pain in his shoulders, arms, wrists, ankles and feels pricking pain in the fingers and legs, pain in the hands, legs, etc., Abrotanum can be used for curing above symptoms.  

Symptoms related to skin diseases: -

Abrotanum is an effective drug for curing symptoms like- eruptions on the face or suppression of them after appearing, the skin has become purple, hairs falling (alopecia), cracked heels with itching sensation, etc.

Relations: -

Aconite and Bryonia are used for curing the swelling of the membranes around the lungs while Abrotanum is used in the case of occlusion of breathing in the affected side of the lungs. So both these drugs can be compared with each other.

As well as medicines like- Iodium, Natrum-Muriaticum, Argentum-Nitricum, Lycopodium, Saniqilla and Tuberculinum are used for curing rickets of the children, Abrotanum can be also used for the same purpose.

In rheumatism, Abrotanum can be compared with medicines like- Scrophularia nodosa, Bryonia, Benzoic acid and in marasmus, it can be compared with medicines as Iodine and Natrum-Muriaticum.

Diminution of Abrotanum: -

The effect of this drug is diminished in the cold air, by the suppression of secretion and by movement.

Dose: -

Abrotanum should be taken from 3rd to 30th potencies.