Abroma augusta



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Introduction: -

Abroma Augusta is very effective for curing insomnia, sinus, diabetes, urinary diseases, physical and mental weakness and albuminuria (Annasarmeh). 

Abroma Augusta is very useful for curing following symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with Appetite: -

Abroma Augusta is very useful for curing abnormal appetite (appetite at irregular time) like- feeling appetite just after eating food.

Stomach-related symptoms: -

Abroma Augusta should be taken for curing the symptoms like- feeling unconsciousness with appetite, desires for eating different types of dishes, feeling emptiness in the stomach, etc.

Stomach-related symptoms: -

Abroma Augusta is an effective drug for curing flatulence.

Symptoms associated with Faeces: -

The patient, who has been suffering from constipation, black coloured stool, knoty fecal, lumpy stool and straining while excretion, should take Abroma Augusta for curing his disease.

Symptoms associated with Urine: -

Abroma Augusta is a useful drug for curing urinary symptoms like- urination day and night in large volume, frequent urination, diabetes mellitus, dryness of the mouth, over thirst, desire for water after urination, feeling tiredness after urination, coming fishy odour from urine, oily urine, diabetes, bed wetting, white wound glans penis due to presence of additional sugar in the urine, enabling in urination, etc.

Symptoms related to Mind:-

Abroma Augusta is very useful for the treatment of symptoms like- irritable and excited temperament, nonsense talkating, weak memory, despondent, hopelessness, and lack of patience, unable to changing his nature, etc.

Heart-related symptoms: -

Abroma Augusta is very useful remedy for curing heart weakness, fast heart beats, unconsciousness, etc.

Symptoms associated with Skin disease: -

Abroma Augusta is an effective drug for curing itching, inflammation, small ulcers in the summers, sinus and dried skin.

Symptoms related to the Respiratory systems: -

Abroma Augusta is used in symptoms like- coming phlegm like pus with cough, pain in the chest, white or yellow lumpy sputum, aggravating symptoms by cold air and at night, in the evening, chest pain while coughing, etc.

Symptoms related with the neck, back and external body organs: -

The person, who has been suffering from slight pain in his neck, back, and in the external organs of his body, weakness in the organs, pain in the kidney, etc., should take Abroma Augusta for getting relief.

Mouth-related symptoms: -

Abroma Augusta is very useful to remove symptoms like- dryness inside the entire mouth that is not removed even after drinking much water, clean and dry tongue, bluish and dry lips and clear voice.

Symptoms associated with Male: -

Abroma Augusta should be used when the patient is suffering from symptoms like- feeling inability and weakness in copulating, feeling too tiredness after copulating, swelling and looseness of the testicles, loss of penis excitement, etc.

Gynecology symptoms: -

Abroma Augusta is very effective drug in the cases like- irregular menses, becoming blood in black appearance, becoming blood as clots, deficiency or sufficiency of blood in the body and becoming blood in yellow appearance, profuse flow during menstruations, suppression of menstrual flow, dysmenorrhea, painful menstruation, white and watery discharge during menstruation, chlorosis, pain in the lower section of the stomach before 2-3 days of menses, hysteria, other menses related disorders, etc.     

Symptoms related to sleeping: -

Abroma Augusta can be used for curing a person who has symptoms like- laziness, sleeplessness, unwillingness for doing any type of work, sound sleep in the morning, etc.

Symptoms related with fever: -

Abroma Augusta is very useful to cure symptoms like- drying up the body with fever and feeling heat and much thirst.

Symptoms of head:

Abroma Augusta is very useful in symptoms like- feeling emptiness in the head, habit of moving the head, dizziness, feeling of heaviness and inconvenient, giddiness, etc.

Eye-related symptoms: -

Abroma Augusta should be taken for the treatment of symptoms like- eyes faults (lack of vision), swelling of the eyelids, feeling of heaviness, tired eyes, moving the eyes as up and down frequently, pain in the eyes with burning sensation, becoming the conjunctiva of the eyes as yellow, etc.

Ear-related symptoms: -

Abroma Augusta is an effective medicine for curing symptoms as- lack of hearing power, buzzing sound in the ears and otorrhoea. It is very useful.

Symptoms related to face: -

Abroma Augusta is very useful for curing symptoms as- feeling of faded face, etiolation of face, wrinkled face, looking the face like an old, itching on the face with burning sensation, falling cracks on the face, etc.

Throat-related symptoms: -

Abroma Augusta should be used in the cases like- throat dryness with burning sensation, feeling of foreign particle entangled in the throat, throat pain, etc.

Dose: -

Abroma Augusta should be taken as its mother tincture, 2x, 3x potencies.