Abies nigra



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Several diseases, which have symptoms pertaining to stomach, can be cured by using Abies Nigra. This medicine acts on the mucous edges of the stomach and on the body too. It is a very effective drug for curing the diseases pertaining to improper digestion. It is very useful in the cases like- anorexia, heart problems in an old, the diseases caused by the use of tea and tobacco, constipation, pain in the external pores of the body, etc. 

Sometimes, the mind remains irritate and unpleasant and the condition of insanity persists, being unable in reading and writing, slight headache, faintness in the brain, strange feelings that cannot be described, feeling unwell, feeling warm head, flushed cheeks, heaviness in the head, etc. Abies Nigra is very effective for curing these symptoms.

Abies Nigra is very useful in curing following diseases: -

Feeling as if something has persisted in the upper section of the stomach:-

Sometimes, the patient feels as if something like an egg has entangled in the upper portion of the stomach, which does not come out or does not go down that causes stomachache, etc., Abies Nigra is very useful for curing such symptoms.

Stomachache after having meal: -

Abies Nigra provides relief from stomachache that occurs after having meal.                                       

Lack of appetite in the morning: -

The patients, who are suffering from lack of appetite in the morning, but have fast desire for eating at noon and at night, should take Abies Nigra for curing such symptoms.

Indigestion of old persons: -

Abies Nigra is very useful for curing the symptoms of heart diseases with indigestion of old persons.

Indigestion caused by tea and tobacco: -

Indigestion and other diseases of the stomach caused by tea and tobacco can be cured by the use of Abies Nigra. The people who take tea and tobacco additionally have symptoms as lack of zeal and sleeplessness at the night. Thus, Abies Nigra is useful for curing these symptoms.

Feeling something has entangled in the chest: -

The patient feels as if something has entangled in the chest and seems that entangled thing has removed out after coughing, feels pain in the chest too, water comes in the mouth after coughing with the feeling of suffocation in the throat, etc., Abies Nigra is very useful for curing these symptoms.

Back-related Symptoms: -

If a person has been suffering from the pain in the portion below the back, he should take Abies Nigra for getting relief.  

Head-related Symptoms: -

Abies Nigra should be taken in the cases of laziness, sleeplessness and red cheeks with warm head.

Symptoms associated with sleep: -

Abies Nigra is very useful drug in the case of excessive hunger at the night due to sleeplessness.  

Ear-related symptoms: -

Abies Nigra provides relief in the pain of the outer tube of the ear.

Throat-related symptoms: -

Abies Nigra can be used if the patient feels hoarseness and feels as if something has stuck inside the pharynx.  

Symptoms related to fever: -  

Sometimes, the patient feels hot and cold simultaneously during fever, stomachache, etc.; Abies Nigra is very effective to cure such symptoms.

Gynecology symptoms: -

Abies Nigra is a useful drug for curing amenorrhea or delayed menses, feeling difficulty while inhaling, but exhaling is easy.

Comparison (Relation): -

Abies Nigra can be compared with other drugs like- Bryonia, Aegle-marmelos, Nux-vomica, Lactic-Acid, etc.

Dose: -

Abies Nigra should be used as 1st to 30th potencies.