Aardapata bath


Different types of water posture :

      Covering body by wet cloth is called Aardapata bath. This bath provides strength and activeness to the patient but not much. This bath can provide energy only to the body whether the cloth is wrapped by drenching in cold water or hot water. Hot and cold clothes have not big difference because the warmth of the body and cloth become equal soon. If the cloth is wet in warm water, its water disappears in the form of steam soon. If a person needs much coldness, he should use this technique in this way. Make the patient nude by disrobing all the clothes and make him lie on a cot by spreading a blanket and bed sheet upon it. Bed sheet should be wet in water and another wet bed sheet should be covered to the patient. 

        If the patient wants to much coldness, upper bed sheet should be covered to the patient in this way so that the air may touch to the patient’s body directly if some warmth or excitement is to give to the skin, one or two blankets should be put on the patient. Thus, the patient can get complete relief by this technique.