How to weight loss



       Main cause of thinness is the chemical reaction of some bacteria located inside the body. Its movement depends on thyroid gland. It enhances the warmth near about the throat and helps in the growth of bones. The man will be as thin and weak as the gland which mentioned above is small and weak. On the contrary, a man will be healthy and stout as the gland is healthy and thick.

       If the weight of thirty years old person is less according to age and body, the man will be called weak and thin. A person who is lean and thin feels exhaustion after doing a little work. Prophylactic power of the body also reduces. Such kinds of persons become the victim of many diseases as asthma, tuberculosis, heart problems, kidney diseases, typhoid, cancer, etc. the patient should adopt treatment as the symptoms of such diseases appear otherwise disease can be changed into chronic disease and there will be great difficulty in the treatment. A lean and thin woman may be the victim of malnutrition during pregnancy.

Causes of thinness:

  • Disturbed digestion system may be the cause of thinness.
  • A person can become the victim of this disease if he is depression mentally and emotionally. Anxiety is one cause of this disease.
  • Imbalanced hormones may be the cause of thinness.
  • A person is thin if there is disturbance in the metabolic system.
  • Excessive exercise or no exercise may be the cause of this problem.
  • If there are tapeworms in the intestines, the person become thin due to this reason.
  • Diabetes, tuberculosis, insomnia, liver problem, chronic loose motions or constipation may be the causes of thinness.
  • Anemia may be the once cause of thinness.

Natural treatment to get rid of thinness:

  • Nutritive elements for thyroid glands are found in iodized substance on a large scale. The patient should take such kinds of foodstuff to get relief.
  • Green vegetables contain iodized substance on a large scale so green vegetable should be included in meal.
  • Thin people should not take spicy foodstuff.
  • The patient of this disease should eat fruits on a large scale for 2-3 days. Besides it, he should eat 100 grams wheat bran regularly. A thin person gets lots of relief if he does so.
  • Mix bran of flour into the fruits or dissolve bran in the juice of fruits. Take these preparations for some days regularly to get relief.
  • Mix siftings of flour in pulpy fruits as papaya and take regularly. The patient gets rid of thinness to some extant by adopting this formula.
  • The patient should include fruits in his meal on a large scale. Digestion power and appetite of a person enhances if it is done. Thus, a person gets rid of thinness.
  • The patient should take flour, rice, sweet, dry grapes, date, fig and raisins in his meal if he wants to get rid of thinness.
  • Weight of a thin person starts to increase if he eats the fats of vegetation. He should take such foodstuff on a large scale.
  • He should eat sprouted pulse in his meal to get rid of thinness.
  • The patient should drink water on a large scale in the morning after getting up or before sleeping at night. Besides it, he should drink water after two hours of having meal or before some time to having meal.
  • The patient should walk and do some exercises in the morning.
  • Use of hot milk enhances the weight of the body. Thus, the patient gets rid of this disease within some days completely if he follows above formula.
  • The patient should make his digestion system normal before the natural treatment. Thereafter, treatment should be started according to nature therapy.
  • The patient should keep fast for some day and after that he should take fruits, salad and sprouted foodstuff.
  • Excessive use of milk, banana, soaked date, ripe mango and dry grapes makes a person fat.
  • The patient should not eat more than hunger. He should eat always nutritive meal.
  • The patient should include leafy vegetables as cabbage, lambs quarter, coriander, mint, leaves of radish and spinach in his meal.
  • Drinking the juice of green coach grass and coconut water proves very beneficial.
  • Mix 100 ml carrot juice in spinach and sweet beet juice each 50 grams properly. A person gets strength by drinking this mixed juice of three things. Thus, thinness of a person disappears by this formula.
  • There are several asana to get rid of thinness. A thin person gets rid of this problem if he does such exercises. Such asana are as Yogmudra-asana, Sarvanga-asana, Hala-Asana, Matasya-Asana, Pranayam and hipbath (kati snan).
  • Enema is very beneficial to get rid of thinness.